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Destiny: FIN

Gorf King

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Owing to some random chance I seem to have been given access to the Destiny Beta meaning the code I was gifted from a mate is now available should anyone want it (Xb1):


Excellent, thanks!

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Sorry man :(

Should I have asked for PMs?

I'm sure there'll be other people getting the same email from Sony. Can someone send one to GViper if you have a spare?

I appreciate it anyway fella :) but I'd advise PM's people, these things are like hot cakes. Mmmm tunnocks.
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I'm enjoying this beta more than I expected, but still not enough to buy the full game when it comes out. If it came out around the time that Titanfall was released, I'd probably have gone for Destiny over Titanfall. The World they've built for the story seems really interesting and I want to know more about it, but there's just so much I'm already buying this year that I know Destiny just won't get much play time from me.

I've never really been keen on loot games, and this hasn't really done much to change my stance on them.

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Played some more of this last night, getting access to the Crucible. Didn't really enjoy that at all. I'm not really great at PvP anyway but when you are essentially also totally underpowered compared to eveyone else playing it really isn't any fun at all.

Did most of the Devil's Lair bit, liked the way that it matchmakes you, although there didn't seem to be any voice coms within the team which was a shame, is this to be expected?? First time where the bullet sponge nature of the enemies has become apparent. In the end I had to disconnect as we had almost finished the last boss when we all were killed and had to respawn with all his health back and it was too late to continue.

Suddenly everything seemed a lot harder on that level, I had easily soloed the previous 4 (5?) levels without issue so I am presuming that the enemies are also buffed if there is more than one person playing. I must admit I did get a bit bored with the amount of times I died on Devil's Lair

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