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New Secret From The Original N64 Version of Super Smash Bros


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Seven years since the release of Super Smash Bro. for the N64, and a new secret has only just been discovered - being able to play as Master Hand. All you have to do is rotate your analog stick exactly 30 times while in the character selection screen.

Haven't tested this myself but..


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Calling shenanigans. Tried roughly 10 seperate times. Replicated every movement in this video to the letter. Tried clockwise and counter-clockwise. Tried 29 rotations, tried 31. Tried slow, tried fast. Tried selecting a stage with the start button instead of A. Tried resetting my N64 when the "code" failed to input it again to clear the memory.

Not buying it ntil I get video evidence from somebody who shows their N64 on camera, without a Gameshark attached, do this on real hardware.

Haha what a loser!

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I saw this on Digg and presumed it was real. Judging by the comments on there it was done using a built-in modifier in Project 64:

Next, it's definitely an emulator. Most likely Project 64. It has that specific cheat built in. Just go under System > Cheats... > then VS. Mode > Player 1 > Character Modifier, then double click that code, and scroll down to $0C Master Hand, and check it. There ya go. I even tried it myself. He simply enabled the cheat early on, then made this video of the "method" to unlock Master Hand.

Someone else also commented it could be achieved using a Gameshark code. Some claim to have got it working, more exactly after completing the game with each character.

It wasn't my intention to mislead anyone, as I said I hadn't tried it myself but thought someone with the console handy might give it a try.

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