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Dexter - Series 8 now done (US). It was the last series apparently.


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An unusual premise this, and based on the first episode it will be well worth a download every week. Michael C Hall (Six Feet Under's David) plays Dexter, who is a serial killer.

He's also a CSI-type cop.

The dark comedy style is similar to SFU, and whilst it will never hit the heights of that show, it will be an entertaining and interesting 45 minutes every week. It is also on Showtime which means they won't hold back on the gore. If it wasn't for Heroes, this would be my highlight of the brand new shows so far this season. First episode of eleven was on Sunday and is Out There now.

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Just watched the first episode after reading about it here. Very interesting premise, really enjoyed Michael C Hall in Six Feet Under so it's good to see him in something else. Is the story scheduled to tie up in one series or is it a case of, see how well it does and go from there? What day does this show in the States?

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Loved the way he was jealous of the other killers technique.

Fantastic first episode!

Agree and to be honest I wasnt sure how it would play out with a serial killer as the main character. Turns out it were brill. Dark humour and a good tale, I'll be watching it from now on.

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Oof! It's DARK. And very very weird. Which means that, despite its aceness, it probably won't last five minutes.

Seriously good stuff though, with one of the most interesting and charismatic leads in a US drama for a while - it's often the supporting cast that are the most fascinating, but here it's clearly Dexter himself.

Bonus points for having Darla in it, too. :P Though the bit where she tries to have sex with him was oddly heartbreaking. :P And you know it's not going to end well for the poor girl.

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