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Dexter - Series 8 now done (US). It was the last series apparently.


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Episode 4:

Another good episode I thought, particularly liked the part where his girlfriend went down on him, I was cringing, just waiting for something bad to happen but turns out he enjoys himself. The mother of the captive cop was a bit freaky, felt like I was missing something.

As for who the killer is, I wouldn't trust anyone on YouTube to know the details. I used to browse the IMDB Lost forum from time to time and it was full of people with 'inside knowledge' posting 'spoilers', none of which ever were true.

On a slightly different note, how many episodes are planned for this? IMDB is only listing twelve, hope that's not the case.

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Except the people who have read the book upon which the TV show is based, I presume.

I'd assumed the show is based on the character created rather than following the plotline of the book in any meaningful way. Whatever, I don't want to know anyway. I have my own ideas, so we'll see if they're true sometime soon enough I imagine.

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Has Angel pretty much turned into anyone else's favourite characters EVER???!!!11

Yes, but mainly because his name is Angel Batista. He was brilliant this week though.

I'm not sure if the killer will be his biological father, but they'll certainly be linked to whatever it was that happened before he was adopted. I think he might have killed his father.

Oh, and I don't really like the "Harry's lessons" flashbacks, they're a bit cheesy.

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I started to think that. Its doubtful it would be a Cuban as they would either be in the locked room or in the boat. The only other person I can think of is that his girlfriend followed him after he was very vague about what he was doing later.

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I wonder if Dexter is going to get stitched up by the ice truck killer. After he turned down the chance to finish that guy off in the warehouse, the serial killer might be pissed off. On that basis, I'm thinking it was him we see hiding at the end.

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looks like were getting more dexter :P

Showtime has given an early greenlight to a second season of one-hour thriller "Dexter" and is finalizing a deal to bring back Mary-Louise Parker starrer "Weeds" for a third cycle, reports Variety.

Production on 12 new hours of "Dexter" will begin next spring for a premiere next summer. Renewal arrives after just five episodes of the current season have aired.

Based on the novel "Darkly Dreaming Dexter," the series stars Michael C. Hall as a forensics expert for the Miami Police Dept. who moonlights as a justice-seeking serial killer.

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