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Dexter - Series 8 now done (US). It was the last series apparently.


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Who shot Lundy and Debs though? Definitely not Trinity after he couldn't even mess up his ritual by putting a deer out of its misery. Was it his son, the one in the ROTC, or maybe Quinn?

I accidentally caught sight of an episode description for the next one, which strongly suggests who it could be. I hope it's not, because it would be a hell of a stretch.

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That would be shit cos he's a nice (although insignificant) guy.

For what it's worth I think this is the best season of Dexter yet. After season three was so meh I was getting really bored of the same old shity. Dexter himself is not as terrifying as he once was but the actual story and writing is better then it ever has been, and Trinity is the best character the show has seen since Doakes.

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So Trinity definitely didn't shoot Lundy and Anton must be in the clear seeing as he's not short enough to have caused the gunshot wounds to Debs lovely abdomen. Assuming it's not somebody new and assuming it wasn't Matsuka himself the finger must be pointing at the reporter chick, surely?

Another really strong episode I thought. The Trinity character is developing really well and Lithgow gave a really strong performance with far more shades of grey than the other seasons main bad guys. The road trip was great fun and Dexter getting so close to Trinity is really cranking up the tension.

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Lithgow really is brilliant. Trinity's meltdown in this week's episode was extremely unsettling and made for some great TV. Dexter trying to sell him on the Tampa road trip was such an uncomfortably tense scene, and it just got worse and worse as the episode went on. He's just as creepy when he's all huggy and enthusiastic, maybe even moreso.

Why do people reckon the reporter is the shooter? Creating her own stories? Working with Trinity? Batshit insane just because? I'm not disagreeing, I just like to hear people's theories and the reasoning behind them. :omg:

Is Anton too tall to be the shooter given these new developments? I agree with others that it would be totally against everything we were shown of his character for it to be him so I hope he's ruled out. He might write a song about the break up but I couldn't see him shooting up some fools.

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Dunno really, it was the only character I could think of that was short enough although I guess in retrospect it could have been someone sitting down in a car or something :D

She's a female reporter who sucks cock to get exclusives. In a drama like this, she was always going to have to pay for that with her life, and what better way for her to die in Dexter than by Dexter? Of course, the real answer has now been revealed...

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Hi, dad!


Oh, man. The last fifteen minutes of that episode were amazing.


The delivery of the line "shut up, cunt" was incredible.

Definitely. That line was just dropped in there... I was blinking, and thinking, "Did he really just say that?" It really kicked off after that, and

when Dexter had him pinned to the kitchen floor, and spat the words, "I should have fucking killed you when I had the chance!" was fantastic. Rarely have we seen him as angry as that. I guess it highlights how he's changed over the seasons, becoming more human, thanks to Rita and her kids. He's still unhuman enough to chop bad people into bits of course, but you get the sense there's something new and real at his centre, that family has come to mean a lot to him.

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Amazing stuff... <_<

The whole dinner scene was just... :unsure::o

And the end... :o:(;)


luckily Trinity doesn't know Dexter's real name, so they shouldn't be able to connect them together.. yet...


did she go there to kill Deb and Lundy was a lucky bonus or the other way round? She seemed to have serious jealously issues there...

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