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Dexter - Series 8 now done (US). It was the last series apparently.


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Wow what a finale

That ending..............

I feel really depressed and quite sad and quite sick which goes to show how amazing this TV program is that i have that much emotion invested in its characters, no other show has made me feel this way.

Horrible, feel like shit after that.

I actually cried a little bit.

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Why didn't anyone recognise Arthur from when he was in the police station. Batista definitely saw him speaking to dexter.

That could be part of how Dexter explains away the death of Rita, they could just see it as part of the inside job by Arthurs daughter - telling him [Arthur] who was onto him in the police department. It looks as if poor Quinn is going to get a lot of flack for what happened this season.

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Oh come on, people,

all she ever did was nag and cling. Dexter didn't seem that bothered. I don't know how Trinity managed it, though, and thought to make it all the more poignant for Dexter by leaving his kid sobbing in the blood for hours, just like what happened to him


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