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Dexter - Series 8 now done (US). It was the last series apparently.

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It's becoming increasingly ludicrous that Quinn is viewed as this highly desirable ladies' man in the show when each season he more and more starts to resemble Kenneth Williams with a spray-on orange tan.

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As far as I can remember Dexter has always had the S&W stool, definitely in the earlier seasons.

I went looking and you're right, S02e02 according to the internets, I also found a fuckload of people asking where you can buy a Smith and Wesson stool which answers why they stuck a horribly out of place advert which was so glaringly obvious what they were attempting even a complete moron would be absolutely aghast.

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Hmmm. Wasn't a bad opener, but fell into the too-frequent Dexter trap of making an apparently smart character do a blatantly stupid thing to support a plot point:

'I will leave my young son sleeping in a car on his own... with the windows rolled down. What could possibly go wrong?'

I reckon that psychopath lady

knew Harry, diagnosed Dexter as a child (hence the drawings), and helped Harry devise the code (hence baiting Dexter about Doakes).

Also, I was annoyed at the frequent use of a plot point as "well, this person's voicemail box is full so I cannot leave them a message." Dexter's Miami: the land that SMS forgot., apparently.

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Maybe the twist is that

Dexter isn't a psychpath, but is damaged in other ways, and has been programmed to act like a psychopath to hide some deeper truth about him?

You never know with this series. Then again

Dexter said the insensitive comment to Anhell to show he lacks empathy... like a psychopath.

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Despite not being as great as earlier seasons I'm sill happy watching Dexter. It still needs more Matsuda really.

Plus the other things which I gripe about is how Debra always going from dude in each season, and to then realizes she's in love with her brother I guess to explain her behaviour is wierd.

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