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Dexter - Series 8 now done (US). It was the last series apparently.


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It is.

The character didn’t work in the books for me for some reason, he's annoying and just no fun. I haven’t read anything about the plot of season 2 but I assume it’s the same as the plot in the 2nd book.

It's not. It's gonna be completely new. Nothing to do with the book. I can't find the link just this minute, but they announced that a few weeks ago.

It wouldn't have worked anyway, when you consider how different the ending of the first book was to the tv show.

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What did he say was wrong with it?

"It's a bit like watching an episode of Scooby-Doo in which the lighthouse keeper who's disguised himself as a sea monster in order to scare people away from his gold spends half his screen time mulling over the philosophical meaning of masks. And then stabs Shaggy in the eye with a toasting fork."

He makes some valid points about how Dexter's sister's only personality trait seems to be a foul mouth, the somewhat cheesiness and lack of depth to Dexter the 'good' serial-killer and the fact that if you don't find Dexter blackly comic and warm to him then the proceedings will be pretty unamusing.

The problem I have with his argument is that he purports that watching The Wire and his fanboyishness to it has spoilt for him all American crime shows that aren't gritty and entirely believable, when in fact Dexter done in the style of The Wire is a ridiculous idea which would never work. Dexter as a concept is far more campy and manufactured and doesn't pretend to be true-to-life like The Wire.

I have a great respect for Charlie Brooker as a critic as he so rarely gets it wrong, but I cringed a little internally when he ends his diatribe by saying: 'I'm curious enough to try the next episode.' >_<

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