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November CD Mix Club


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I'm currently in the process of handing over the Mix Club to lfj for the new year. To make things easy I shall be trying to transfer as many people's details over to lfj but only if you explicitly agree to this. Currently the following have agreed:

Address Transfer-Over






Mr Do


Let me know via PM or in this thread if you wish to do the same.

Sending order and a list of Non-Senders for November has gone up here. I've also finally got around to giving links to every other previous Mix Club at the same location. Have a read of the very first Mix Club thread and see how quaint it was ;)

Finally, let lfj know your thoughts for the Mix Club in '07 - new ownership should bring change and this has only ever been as good as the people who participate so please chip in.

Thank you.



Last month went pretty damn well with everybody pulling through. A couple of late-ish senders but no bannings.

Late Senders



Roboplegic Wrongcock


So to this month, and to reiterate the new rules for my last mix club:

- This is only open to previous participants of Mix Clubs. ie: no new people.

- (Optional) People can request (via PM) who they would like to send to. Preference will be given firstly to those who have never sent a CD to that participant, and then those people who have participated in more than 10 Mix Clubs. Create a numbered-ordered list. Obviously I cannot promise you will get any of your choices over these two Mix Clubs but I will try.

Any choices people made last month that I couldn't fufill will be fufilled this month (if possible). Still taking any new requests this month, naturally.

I suppose the other thing I should mention at this point is that lfj has PM'd me to say he is willing to take over the Mix Club. I'm pretty chuffed that he has to be honest as everybody was starting to make me feel guilty for wanting to kill it :P

He shall be taking over completely and will run the next Mix Club in January (No December, as is usually the case). I hope you all continue to enjoy taking part and support the new ownership.

Request: I will also be planning to send over to lfj your addresses that I have stored up. Please let me know if you are happy for me to do this or not when "Opting In" this month.



Marzipan Travolta




David Heath





Boozy The Clown




Mr Do






Roboplegic Wrongcock










The deadline is Tuesday 7th November around 5pm with PM's to be sent shortly thereafter. And that's me done guys. Thanks to everybody ever for taking part and I shall see you soon as a participant in January.



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Hmm, I actually considered not entering this month so that I could end on a high note with the success of last months compilation. However, seeing as we are carrying on as usual in the new year courtesy of lfj, you can count me in as usual. Feel free to pass on my address.

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Glutton for punishment here. :P

I'm in. I was toying with the idea of taking the reigns on this but kept schtum hoping someone else would volunteer. Hooray for lfj, oh and Jimmy too.

Haha, me too. ;)

I'd like to be in this month and props to lfj for taking this over. May he rule it with an iron fist.

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I'm in this month, of course!

Napole0n I'd be happy for some dance action if you'd like to request me as your recipient :o

I'm glad you're all happy with me taking this on, I've had too much good music from it to see it end. I've got a couple of new ideas for everyone to consider for 2007, and I'll welcome all suggestions too, but I'll post separately about that later on.

And thanks to Jimmy for all his hard work running the club up to now. <_<

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And if you want some chocolate, pm me your adresse, MW Jimmy.


I won't turn down an offer such as that. PM'd.

me too please

I had an address clearout recently Sandra so Ill need you to PM me your addy again please.

Kudos to lfj for keeping the mix club flame burning, thanks to MW_Jimmy for organising these for the last however long.

I've kept count. This is the 25th Mix Club. That means you've got to do the next 25 lfj :D

Napole0n I'd be happy for some dance action if you'd like to request me as your recipient :(

If Napoleon doesn't object then I'll make it so.

Right here. Pint for you in Sheffield, mate.


More love. Try and keep it cold for a week or so dude :(

I feel maybe I should've milked this a little better and set up an Amazon Wishlist like those sexy ladies do...

List Updated!

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