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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!


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On 06/01/2017 at 07:51, Commander Jameson said:

I've never seen this before but just watched a couple of clips; the Implication and the Milk Steak Date. 


It's amazing! What the hell have I been missing out on?

I got into the show because someone here posted a gif of the "wildcard" van dive scene. I looked up the scene on YouTube, loved it and from there binged all available seasons at the time. I class it as one of the best comedies I've ever watched. Its the only TV show that I've watched more than once from start to finish (excluding random Simpson, Scrubs and Friends episodes). I binged it all again before Season 11. Its bloody fantastic.


I love the Rum Ham episode, it's up there with my favourites.

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8 hours ago, sir shrew said:

My gf watched four eps and hates it. Oof.


I enjoyed the latest ep but really hope we get more decent bar episodes / dark character stuff and less gimmicky episodes.

Did she start on season 1? Season 1 is pretty weak.


I think my all time favourite episode is 'the gang tries to win an award', but rum ham and the implication are fantastic contenders. 

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2 minutes ago, sir shrew said:


To be fair I started her off on some weak ones. The pilot, the second guns episode - not sure how I can turn it round at this point as I think she hates the characters.






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