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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!


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Just started watching this, got through the first season in a couple of days. Really appealing, I like how there's nothing really special about the setting or characters and yet it has a unique feel. Lots of laughs as well. Charlie eating his cereal in the nazi hat was amazing.

Also the theme music really sticks in your head.

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The stuff that they've been getting away with over the seasons has become so much more shocking that the ending to this one didn't really sink in until later. The limo scene was great though, I love Frank's obsession with eggs.

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I'm seeing a not-so-subtle Charlie storyline coming up through the season, which was a giveaway due to Mary Elizabeth Ellis' flowy dress. Although I don't think anyone was prepared for this:


(Linked due to size & spoilers)

There really ARE worse things on the Jersey shore than the cast of Jersey Shore!

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There were no full on dump shots. Just references to the toxic area and a few toxic looking barrells.

Here's some things you might have seen if it were a real toxic dump:



Yeah Rude Dog and the Dweebs is textbook dump.

I can see to an extent the Argh Real monsters dudes being toxic, but nah. I've debated this before but just can't accept them into my own personal toxic dump, just can't. What's your take on the controversy joffo? To me they are anodyne, corporate toxic dump by committee.

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