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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!


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I thought it was a really weak episode. Seems they were quite desperately hoping for a Nightman esque thing, but it never quite came together like that episode did. They were also throwing everything at frank trying to get him to look like a paedo too but it never really worked too well. And I saw the 'twist' coming from the first couple of minutes. Quite weak for Sunny I think. Mac wheezing while he was eating was great though.

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I love that Mac / Rob put on 50lb specifically for the show, yet for no real reason other than it'd be funny to poke fun at actors getting prettier the longer they're on a show. And it'd be kinda funny. No one suggested it other than him. Shame he developed a fatty liver and fucked his metabolism to do it mind you. Hopefully fully reversible.

Also, only found out yesterday that Rob and Kaitlin are married. Just by the by.

I have been both cringing and laughing in good measure this season.

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Their first ever committee meeting destroyed me :lol:


oh god and Mac's speech about the dead dog

"Disease exists...both in America......and abroad" :lol:

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"Storm coming? Hatchet coming."

Awesome episode, the L.A. Riot's bit was hilarious and it's always a treat to see

Rickety Cricket!!


Dee got a belly laugh from me with her line

He was probably down here with Mac, watching you rape girls and eating pickled eggs.


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I’ve only started watching this show recently, my friend in work did me a copy of it. I watched the episode last night where Danny De Vito puts his street gang(The Yellow Jackets) back together to try and show they’re in a bad neighbourhood. Then they start singing doo-wop. I’m giggling about it still. Awesome show.

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