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Why we raid...


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One of our guildies has made a video...

Now you've seen WoW videos before - we kill a boss, we zerg a city, loud pop/metal plays - the UI gives you a headache etc. etc.

This isn't like that...

It might just be me - the fact these are my guildies and most of what you hear is our GM and Officers (and me!!) - but I think it's just fantastic.

If you've not raided - or at least not raided Naxx - or simply not experienced the 'joys' of the 40-man bank-trashing Wipe - I hope this will enlighten you (100Mb d/l)


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That was REALLY enjoyable. It looked well professional at the beggining, hard to tell it was being shot through someones eyes in the game, smooth cameras and stuff.

Then you just seemed to be having a laugh whilst dying, something my raid group doesn't do. They just shout at you :/

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I love this video SO much. If you see on the Heigan dance, on the right hand side, there's a big cow in red/blue DPS gear spread eagled on the floor. Guess who? :wub: (But! He finally did it last night! wooooooot!)

My favourite bits are when you can hear Ish going "ack ack ack ack ackkkk!!" and "ouuuch", Moof and his usual "jeeeesus!" .. aah it's just a constant stream of laughter. Must watch at work.

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"I play a cow character in a fictional world where we attack Dragons"

was in reply to someone saying that they'd inadvertantly told someone they played WoW and wanted to explain it in a way they'd not "freak out" about IIRC? :)

Can't remember what was as easy as "shooting fish in a barrel" tho - anyone? anyone? :wub:

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