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My 360 is dead


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Ok, so, I get home from work tonight, have a smoke and feel like some Ridge Racer 6.

I boot up the machine on my spanky new HDTV, and get a route plotted. Begin the first race, all is going well. Suddenly, the screen freezes; the game/360 seems to have crashed. Ah well.

Reboot; same thing happens, as soon as I start racing, the game freezes again. Uh oh. Except this time there are crazy lil white squares randomly scattered about.


Reboot again. Have a feel and check of the wires, everything seems secure... This time, the 360 crashes during the opening FMV of Ridge, and the screen is decorated (completely) green. Lovely!

Fuckity fuck!

Panicking, I decide to do the First Rule. Remove and reconnect all wires! And FUCK! The AV cable is not in properly! Thank fuck!

But no.

I start playing Ridge again. I got to play for longer this time. I finished the first race. But then, during the start of the replay..


Please, please. Someone make this better. GoW is out this fucking Friday, and I've just bought a HDTV :(

What makes 360s go wrong? Hold me!

(And yes, I know I should get a blog and this is the 'worst I got a HDTV thread ever)

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Oh I forgot to add; after the Super Saiyajin-enducing final crash, the next boot crashed on the 360 Logo :( But no red lights :(

It still boots now, seems happy on the dashboard. I've turned it off out of fear now tho :(

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Jesus, I really had no idea this was happening to people a lot. How on earth was the bloody console allowed to ship, when this happens to it? People here saying they've had two, even four, consoles break on them.

Astounding scenes. I'll not be joining Wii60, then. Just Wii.

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Ok, well my housemate suggested I try turning the video down to see if it'd work in 480p.. It forced itself to 50hz too, for some reason, but now I've managed to finish 2 races.

Very odd.

I've turned it off again, will try again, back in 720p in about 20mins.

Eeesh, now to find the receipt, just incase!

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Move the 360 to a cooler well ventelated place.


Get a replacement ASAP. It's dying and whilst you can prolong it's life by taking all sorts of steps, it will still die. Only it will probably die out of warranty, leaving you with a £280 doorstop.

Take it back to the shop or call Microsoft ASAP.

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Yeah, seems its fucked. Managed to play the Lost Planet demo for 30mins, before deciding everything was fine again (now with the window next to the 360 shelf thingy open :( ) it literally crashed just before I pressed the power switch :(

Then it fucked up on the 360 logo boot sequence.

Back to GAME with it then, in time for Friday! Sheesh. How very annoying. :(

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Hmmm.. Well I only bought it 4 months ago-ish, so it isn't a launch one.

Does it make sense that maybe, somehow, using the hidef modes on the 360 could overheat it? I know it's ridiculous, but still..

.::: If you're brave enough. Stick Dead Rising in it and let it run on the title-screen for half an hour. DR is pretty intensive at some points. If that causes something, than I'm afarid it's simply waiting for it to die entirely.

My condolences though, it's only downhill from here. :(

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Precisely the same problem as my launch 360 developed earlier this year - it was tempting to believe it was temporary but, as I'd secretly suspected, one or more components had fried and eventually it was back to Microsoft.

If the return-to-shop policy doesn't get you anywhere, is it any consolation that MS got a replacement to me in 4 days? :(

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