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How many forumites actively play on Xbox Live on the 360?

Dork Knight

Xbox Live! on the 360  

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Hardly ever, really. Last game I played online was Bankshot Billiards 2 against a stranger. It probably doesn't help that the only other game I have for it is Oblivion. :( A major problem is that I just don't like having to stick to schedules; I play when I'm bored and want to play, not when I've arranged to meet someone. And playing randoms is a mixed bag.

I used to try out a lot of games online on the Xbox 1, but frequently found lots of them weren't my cuppa tea (Ghost Recon), and the ones that were aren't supported on the 360 (Midtown Madness) so I don't play them anymore.

I guess, in general, I dislike competitive games, or at least ones that require masses of teamwork and co-ordination. It makes me feel like I'm in an RTS. Never got on well with Halo 2, online or at LAN meets, except during all-against-all slayer matches. Now, co-op, on the other hand, is brilliant. Working against objectives with someone else appeals a hell of a lot more.

Anyway, I've got RR6 on its way, so I'll almost certainly be playing that online at some point. It is often a question of having the time, though.

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I went for once a week as with work and other commitments I don't play as much as I used to. Also I have just moved so not played at all for the last six months or so. However I finally hooked up the 360 and got it connected to live and my pc :(

As to whether or not I am on live it depends on the games really, been playing alot of Oblivion and Zuma but would like to play online more. the only online games I have played recently are poker and Halo 2.

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I''m hoping for some drop in drop out co-op during Gears of War... this sounds genuinely fun.

I can't be bothered with deathmatch stuff...

I would if I was playing it before Xmas, and by then you'll all be bored and waiting for the next big thing.

Steven Poole had a big word for it, in an issue of Edge once :(

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