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Die Hard

Corporal Flashback

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I remember watching it for the first time around Xmas time (aptly) 1989. My Dad had pneumonia and so I gave up my bed for a couple of nights to my mum so she could get some sleep. My best mate lent me the film knowing how much I would enjoy it and I watched it late into the night several times whilst camped out in the living room.

Oh and 10/10.

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Boom, ten out of ten. Have it. :)

As said, I also probably recognise a line from Die Hard anywhere. I could even tell who said the lines from Die Hard.

1. Holly Gennaro/McClaine

4. Al Powell

5. Argyle

6. John McClaine

9. Theo

Psst, it's McClane.

Let's follow 'em all up. I'm not certain about number 6...

1. Hans: "I am an exceptional thief, Mrs McClane, and since I'm moving up to kidnapping, you should be more polite."

4. Al Powell: "You're going to tell me that he gives a damn about what you do to him, if he makes it out of there alive? Why don't you wake up and smell what you're shovelling."

5. Vaughn Monroe: "Oh the weather out side is frightful, and the fire is so delightful..."

6. Al Powell: "Yeah, well you hang in there. You know we've got a pool going on you."

9. Hans: "It's Christmas, Theo, it is the time of miracles. So be of good cheer, and call me when you hit the last lock."

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