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Your faction Insignia (get this at Rank 2) breaks it.

Undead get a racial to break it (Will of the Forsaken).

Warriors have tricks to reduce/avoid it.

Dwarf Priests can Ward you against it.

Shadow Resistance will shorten the duration and possibly resist it altogether.

That's just off the top of my head - there are other trinkets which help I think...

Fear is the primary tool of the Warlock tho - it's what makes us work and we will spam it like madmen :(

Priests also rely on their Fear a fair bit - but it's not their main purpose - wheras with Warlocks, it's the button you spam :)

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So basically IO have to do LOADS of battles to get my second rank insignia.

I have done around 15 so far and rank...then again on my server - US RP Kirin Tor - the alliance never win because everyone is out for honour points and there is no strategy.

So how do you get a rank?

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Well I better go do some more BGs tonight then.

Did get 37 honour kills in my first BG which I was happy with...albeit I still haven'yt been on a winning side even though I have tried to organise people and use strategy :)

How hard is it to split into three groups and take three areas?

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A few hours of killing in battlegrounds should easily be enough to get the honour needed to make Rank 2, you may already have made it in fact, the rankings are updated during maintenance so you'll know Wednesday morning if the US servers are anything like the EU ones. It's only once you reach Rank 6 that things slow down, the first few ranks are pretty quick. That said, in a couple of weeks, there won't be any ranks anyway and you can just buy the trinket with a few honour points/tokens regardless.

As for fear...shadow resistance helps and it is subject to diminishing returns so the 2nd and 3rd ones shouldn't last very long at all, if that's any consolation. Basically, though, you're screwed.

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Yeah I thought as much.

Guess it will be a case of using Stun on them and smacking the crap out of them with this for a while http://www.thottbot.com/?i=8847

And also this http://www.thottbot.com/?i=5660 which occasionally pops out a demon which attacks for you...everytime it happens on BG you can see the person look a little stunned that you have just brought out a demon :)

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