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Preacher: now an AMC TV show - No comic spoilers please


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9 minutes ago, Benny said:

For those that read the comic:


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I wonder if Starr will still get progressively more... Disadvantaged, as time goes on.



Or if he'll have his...Moment...with the Yorkshire detective...

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The whole point of it was a take stock and re-evaluate things moment for Jesse (with added aspect of reuniting with someone long absent from his life, and showing that he's still a highly stubborn and uncompromising bastard in regards to the former Nazi) while Cass & Tulip have incredibly awkward 'adventures', it's kind of weird putting it any elements of that plot at the start.



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I gather that the show spends a lot of time in Annville at the start, rather than just having it nuked straight off the bat. So if the programme makers are looking for some plotlines involving Jesse going up against various weird characters in a small town in the deep south, it seems quite a neat move to grab the Salvation storyline and move it forward. It was always a bit of a filler plotline in the comic, despite it being one of the best bits, so you could place it more or less anywhere.

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Also just watched the pilot, Its kinda a hyper reality re-imagining of the comic. Loved it. Looking forward to watching the rest. 


Thought the cinematography was great, the colours especially are vivid and saturated like the comic, also, the fight scenes are crazy sped up!



Wonder if John Wayne isn't going to be a feature since Custer's dad was a preacher and not a ex-marine? Hope not, its one of the great unexplained things about the comic


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