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Realms are appearing... :)


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Good point, I could do with a laugh.

Piro, you think that's bad then I suggest you avoid Karazhan like the plague. Unless being sexually violated by angry level 70 ghosts does it for you, of course.

Im just annoyed because level 65 will kill a lot of World PvP

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You massive paladin ponce, it's only 5 levels, ain't nuthin'.

Seriously how do Blizzard manage to mess up something so badly that they've known for weeks about? Do they suddenly realise on the Tuesday that they have a patch to implement or something?

Well it wasn't on the PTR very long really, was it? You could speculate that with the Christmas holidays coming up, they had to get it out now before half the staff go on leave else there wouldn't be enough people to cover things if they'd left it later, hence this dire rush job we've been stuck with.

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I'm guessing the reason the servers that are up are bad is because of the number of players logging onto them/playing on them. A lot of people make lvl 1 characters on the realms that are up because theyre that bored I guess. This will obviously kill the server effectively :)

The reason why Draenor is always last up, well. Only Blizzard really knows I guess. Maybe :)

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Unfortunatly there are somethings you can never prepare for,specially as large a contant patch as this.

It would be near IMPOSSIBLE to "Test" the roll out of the patch, specially to so many users in a clossed Lab enviroment, u have to take into consideration multiple requests from the one user (incase there internet connection went down or they clicked cancel by mistake) all the bandwidth coming from multiple ISPs and all coming throught Blizzards ISP.

Then if there are some server issue the amount of requests for users logging on to realms that are up to create new account would be phenominal. A large compnay like blizzard have planned this and prob planned it very well, if they hadn't planned it, it would be alot worse.

On that note, Come on Bliz FFS I WANT TO PLAY.

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If you look at the realm list of the ones that are down, they're all Battlegroup linked I think... at least, all of Draenor's are there - Al'Akir (lol), Arathor, Draonblight, Twilight's Hammer, etc etc... and we know that the groups are done by the servers being closest to one another. My guess is, they go cluster by cluster, leaving BG1 (and hence Draenor :)) till last.


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Still not gotten on. Now an hour past their 3rd deadline of the day, I'm wondering what I can do to protest.

Do you really feel the need to protest? I never really worked out why people get angry about this kind of stuff. Sure, we all want to play... but playing is all it is, it can wait a while. The patch is full of big changes and things inevitably go wrong. You pay £9 a month, you lose the game for a day. Where's the fire?

This drunken ramble isn't directed at you alone, of course. The official forums are usually a million times worse.

You guys all set for that BWL run you mentioned yesterday?

I'm going out soon for an evening of rock 'n' roll debauchery. If the server's up and even semi-working when I get back, I'll be amazed.

Gimme my fuckin' prize, bastards.

Hmm, Draenors full apparently. Stuck on Retrieving Character List.

I guess its a step in the right direction though. Or is it? :)

Got that repair money yet?

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I couldn't even get near my level 60's on draenor so I minced about on ravenholdt as my 35 mage. Found a couple of blood elves in stv and swamp of sorrows and they're looking pretty nifty. The draenei confuse me. I went to the little camp to the northwest in swamp of sorrows and there's a quest there, yet it's surrounded by 4 seriously badass draenei who're aggressive.

So what's the point of the quest? :)

The Blizzard spellalert doohickey is ace though.

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I spend all evening looking for a working actionbar mod (that I can actually access a download for) and when I find one, they take the server down for maintenance while I'm trying to set up my new spells.

Still, managed to get the huuuuge list of errors down to just the one (can't work out which mod is complaining for that). Most being a case of Ace addons not having the full set of libs included - awesome that.

Oh well. Maybe my server coming down means yours will come up.

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