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Wii-ch games are people getting?


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As far as I can tell, most people seem just to be getting Zelda and Wii Play.

Now Zelda type games bore me stupid, and though Wind Waker tricked me into buying it by having cool graphics, I'm certainly not going to be tricked by one that doesn't even look fun.

As for Wii Play - well, I'm getting a US machine, so will have to wait for that one.

So far I have Excite Truck and Monkey Ball (but sadly no console yet), is there any reason nobody seems to be talking much about these games?

I've also heard Rayman mentioned a few times - I understand it's just a collection of mini-games, if so, then that'll be hitting my list too.

So, what games are people getting, and why?

Why are you not getting some of the others out there?

Edit: Doh, I guess this is pretty much a duplicate of this other thread.

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