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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates


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It's not a bug. It's a random CRC check done at a random point in the game. If the CRC doesn't match up then it'll immediately bump you to the "Thanks for Playing" screen which is the end screen of the game. Any cart that automatically patches a rom upon loading (R4, M3 Perfect etc.) won't be able to play the game. Just buy it, it's worth it.

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I can't wait until this game comes out - I've been looking for something co-op to play with my friend for weeks now.

I really enjoyed the original Crystal Chronicles but it was a bit of a pain to play it at length on that tiny GBA d pad.

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Aw this is a lovely little multiplayer game, I've had much fun with it over the Easter break.

I'm genuinely suprised there isn't more love for it here.

Having played and finished it, ran through the multiplayer a few times... I can hereby say this game, IN MY OPINION, is nothing more than the most boring, broken and unsatisfyingly pretty looking typical hack and slash game.

Single player is an absolute and utter joke, the amount of time the rest of your party spend sitting on their arses doing nothing is ridiculous, whilst you just sit there attacking the enemies solo.

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