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Woolworths have Wii's everywhere


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A 'friend' at work had a spare after Woolworths initially didn't fulfil his pre order. He bought one from Game on launch day then went away for a week and the Woolies one got delivered. I told him that my little brother was after one for xmas and he had his name down on a list but it wasn't looking hopeful. He said he wanted to spread some Christmas cheer by selling it no profit to make someone's Xmas day.

"But I want to ask around in case anyone has got a better story" he says. Whatever, I thought - and put it out of my mind. So yeah, he sold it to CEX for £250, so presumably some stressed out parent will fork out £350. That's the Christmas spirit!

Anyways, my Mum called to say his pre order had definitely fallen through - in that he couldn't get a Wii before Christmas. Bummer.

So this morning I phoned around a few Game stores, HMV, Virgin, John Lewis - didn't think about Woolies (there are none in Central though?). Game on Oxford St did get 30 in, but there were apparantly about 15-20 people already queueing, even though none of them could have known, they were just chancing it. By the time I would have got there, no chance.

I spoke to a lovely woman at Game in the basement of Hamleys who said yes they were getting a few at 10am or so, she said she nearly fell over when she saw they were having a few in today. So I jumped in the shower, shaved and ran down with a different brother. They were just about putting the boxes away to the stock cupboard, while wheeling them at the same time to the counter and ripping them open to sell immediately. There weren't many people around and I was queueing for maybe 15 mins with Mums who were just buying PS2 games.

So yeah, success! It's not even for me though! :( :(

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