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it could be a while still until this image is playable. So in the meantime be the envy of your friends by loading this image into your usual dvd recording software and burn it as a data dvd.

Wow, wish I had known it be so easy to be popular.

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This isn't just a data DVD. It's a Paradox data DVD.

Paradox are fucking great. They've been around since 1990, for Christ's sakes. They're pioneers, even at times (like this one) when it means pretty much bugger all, they'll do it just to do it. You have to respect such dedication to teh warez.

Without them, I wouldn't have a job. I learned Indesign with a copy registered with their keygen. Thank you, Paradox!

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___ _ _ ___ |

| \__\\\ \ . R E L E A S E N O T E S . / ///__/ |

| |

| |

| Here we are again bringing you another world first, a full DVD |

| image of one of the best Wii games to date, RedSteel. |

it's definitely a fucking hoax.

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This might be good if they find an exploit to play it. No way I'm paying 40 sheets to play Red Steel.

i wouldn't pay the price of a blank dvd to play it either, it's toss on toast.

I hope the wii isn't cracked that quickly, just doesn't seem fair.

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Update #2: To follow-up on the OE-A PSP news below, release group DMU have just released the world's first PSX dump for PSP! The release name is Hot_Shots_Golf_2_USA_READNFO_PSX_For_PSP-DMU, and the NFO File is also available for those interested! Finally, for those curious on the size of a PSX title for PSP, the release consists of 9 RAR files with the following files and sizes included: DOCUMENT.DAT (11.6 MB- 12,218,784 bytes), EBOOT.PBP (143 MB- 150,733,537 bytes), and KEYS.BIN (16 bytes).

Update: Although the validity is unconfirmed at this point, we can share with everyone a video of a Wii back-up being played via a Wii bootloader from a standard 512MB SD card- with an alleged release date of January 1, 2007. Until we receive confirmation this should be treated as a RUMOR, however, with the way the Wii scene has exploded over the past 24 hours just about anything may be possible.

From PS3News.com

Theres a video on the website aswell, most likely a fake, looks fake

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