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Japanese names


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Imagine an alternate reality where the big name Western developed games were done in Japan.

Dynamite Task Force Gearranger

Akumajou Bushin

Shoot! Steal! Let's become a Criminal!

Onechan Explorer Lara

And my personal fave,

Intergalactic Space Defence Force Spartan.

Any other suggestions?

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Ah, me and my mate actually looked up some o the tranlations for those words to figure it out. We got Doom becaus eof the demonic connection and FEAR because Bushin can also mean copy/clone.

Fair enough... was hoping the Castlevania (Akumajou Dracula) connection would work. :huh:

How about

Hyper Mud Racer Go! Go!

Satsujin-Ken: Ultimate Fighters (Satsu-murder)

Super Stealth Shadow Soldier Fisher

Tiberium Get!

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Um...how about...Biohazard instead of Resident Evil? *baddum*

Took this picture with my phone at my local DVD store not long ago, seems relevent:


Pandemonium on the Saturn/PS1 was renamed to the much jollier "Magical Hoppers"


Yeah, you get that kind of thing over there. Note of course how totally incongruous to the in-game art style those characters on the cover are.

It's strange, even Half-life2 the arcade game has a set of anime-style characters on it's marqee. Then you get something like Prey, with the western cover, and it doesn't surprise you it doesn't sell - no attempt has been made on part of the publisher to appeal to the Japanese market whatsoever.

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