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Burnout Paradise


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Oh yes.


Except It's my Christmas work do on the 13th, Girlfriend's on the 14th, then her dad's having a shindig over the weekend. When am I gonna get a chance to play it?

EDIT: Just realised I've got a 5 hour window to pick up my suit and play this on Friday. Woo.

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Demo Map Revealed

Get the playable demo from Dec 13th at the PlayStation® Network, PlayStation® Store and Xbox Live® Marketplace.

* Explore Motor City, Big Surf Beach and Ocean View neighbourhoods of Paradise city.

* Enjoy 3 awesome events, including a first chance to play new mode Stunt Run!

* Discover Jumps, Stunts and Smashes all over the map, and if you're online invite friends to join you for some challenges.

As part of our advent give away we present to you a first glance at the demo map!


Remember, this is just a small part of Paradise City. For the full Burnout experience, buy the full game coming in January 2008.


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I'm looking forward to this, haven't really got into a good arcade racer for ages.

Loved Burnout 1 & 2, have to admit though I got a bit bored of 3 and haven't played any since.

Hope the demo doesn't disappoint.

As long as it's more about actual racing than purposely crashing into others during said racing, then I'm in. Problem is, given there are achievements for takedowns I'm not holding my breath. Roll on demo, I live in eternal hope! While I think on, does anyone know if Burnout 2 has a widescreen mode on GC? If it does, I might just get that again for Wii for happy reminiscing.

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While I think on, does anyone know if Burnout 2 has a widescreen mode on GC? If it does, I might just get that again for Wii for happy reminiscing.

Pretty sure it's widescreen yeah. The US one at least is 480p, not sure if the PAL edition was one of those that sneaked in that mode or not. Best in the series so far and all that, lovely game.

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It's no secret that Criterion Games likes to reinvent things every time out. Though many deemed Burnout 3: Takedown to be pretty much perfection, the studio went ahead and changed a lot of things with its follow-up, Burnout Revenge. And now with Burnout Paradise, the studio has made even more sweeping changes to the design.

For starters, the entire game is set in the open world of Paradise City, and the whole thing is unlocked right from the start. You can partake in any race or event that you want, and there are no off-limit sections of the city. You'll have to work your way through the game to get better cars, of course, but the city is yours for exploring right away.

Speaking of the cars, Criterion has taken a "cat and mouse" approach to unlocking them. When you win an event that "earns" you a new ride, it doesn't go straight into your junkyard for selection. Instead, you'll be able to see said vehicle racing around Paradise City and it's then your job to take it out any way possible. Once you've performed a Takedown on the vehicle, it's yours. If you choose to let them run free like marmots in the wild you'll soon find Paradise City filled with exotic cars for the taking.

Career progression works by way of a numbers game. That is, the more races you complete, the better and faster your opponents will be. The more Road Rages you complete, the more cars you'll have to take down in later events and so on and so forth. You start off with a learner's permit and after completing a handful of races you'll be given your D license. A while later with more races under your belt and you'll work up to your C license, and so on.

Something else that's changed quite a bit is Crash mode. Rather than having individual intersections set up and awaiting your destruction, you instead start a Crash Showtime at any point by pressing two shoulder buttons at the same time. Your car will then begin tumbling down the highway, taking out whatever you can manage to smash into. You earn boost for each vehicle you hit, which you can then spend to bounce your car a bit, keeping you on the move at all times. Busses are the only vehicles that will give you a multiplier here, which makes sense considering that we've been able to rack up a 430+ car Crash Showtime outing. We weren't sold on this new design at first, but it's getting more enjoyable as our skills increase.

One element of the design that we're not too fond of so far is the inability to jump to the start of a race. If you enter a race that takes you halfway across Paradise City and wind up failing, in order to try again you'll have to drive yourself back to the start. There is no quick skip option, which is a trade-off for having no load times once the game begins.

What's awesome, however, is the online interface. Pressing right on the D-Pad will bring up your online display, letting you invite friends into your game. When you've got a group together, you have a number of options at your disposal. You can create a custom race where you'll be given an overhead map of Paradise City, allowing you to place the start and finish and any checkpoints you'd like in-between at any intersection on the map.

Alternatively, you can begin any number of challenges that are specifically designed for the number of cars that you have. So, for instance, the challenges for two players are different than challenges for three, and all of the challenges that we tried were pretty awesome. One had two of us approach a raised bridge from either side and crash head-on while airborne. Another had us perform a series of barrel rolls, while a third had us run through an airfield and take a giant jump through a hanging ring. This last one was cool because getting through the hoop requires a bit of planning and acts as something of a small puzzle of sorts.

We've had a great deal of fun with Burnout Paradise so far. The game runs smooth as silk and retains the blazing-fast speed and spot-on controls of its predecessors. The game ships next month, but the demo is but mere days away from its December 13th release, so stay tuned.


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If it's Harry posting, I'm guessing the PS3 demo is out tonight :P

360 one is out tomorrow, apparently :D

Also, that Crash mode video looks FUCKING SHIT. It's moronic! Where the fuck has the old crash mode gone? It's so stupid that you can basically roll forever, and turn on a sixpence - while crashign, of course! :lol:

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Did you see the video? It's properly lol-worthy, the guy basically hits the shoulder buttons together, the car 'bails' (imagine like in Tony Hawk's Project :lol: and then its starts bouncing. He steers it around as it bounces, controlling the forward/backward speed, even turning on the spot (while bouncing and crumpling his car). Basically the Burnout meter goes down while you're crashing - but here's the great bit! You can fill the burnout gague again by hitting a certain amount of cars! So in that video he bounces around in ONE CRASH for about 3 minutes. It's a fucking joke tbh.

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"Showtime" looks shit. Man, that's a disappointment, unless you also get to do it in a better way than that vid demonstrates.

Second video a lot more promising. Does he drive straight through some lamp posts without losing any speed at all there? I really really hope there's room for some Burnout 2-style racing in this one as well as the bashing into everything mindlessly stuff.

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The whole seeing a nice car driving around after unlocking it thing is ace. I was hoping for something similar in San Andreas, with literally maybe one super GT or whatever being on the map, so it actually being a massive rarity for you to see it, but once you do, you can scope it out and try and steal it. Or maybe there would be carjackers who'd take especially to stealing your modded cars, and in some points in the future you'd see your unique car being driven around by the thief, something like that. It'll be a good feature in Burnout, providing that it'll be less than common for you to see your unlocked cars driving around, otherwise it's just a pointless delay to you unlocking it, rather than a genuine sense of achievement and excitement when you see it.

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