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Newb in town!


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Hello Everyone!

I started again after having 40mil, and 20 mil worth of items!

Anyways, the point is i need some fruit, some clothes, all the help i can get!

If you are interested just post something and all that!

thanks for your help.

ChuChu in Christon

Code:---not yet confirmed.

just add me and send me a pm when you want to visit. am generally online all day saturdays.

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Thanks I will come into your towns for sure, Maybe I will get my code and all that on tuesday. Basically I might be on tuesday to go into towns and i am acknowledging the fact of hybrids so there will be no running around for me.

Many thanks to all so far who have given me permission to go into their town! I appreciate it very much!

thanks to all.

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You're welcome to visit Dorvan, and help yourself to fruit/Nook's etc...

Just one thing though, no running around town. I've got flowers everywhere, as I'm growing hybrids.

P.S. I'm upto over 91 million bells :(

Are you just being nice here or can you smell a fellow Man Utd fan a mile away?

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Ok, I am ready for action right now! anyone open there gates and i will be there in a jiffy!

Thanks meaball for adding me in advance!

seeya there!

I have just added you chuchu. Feel free to pop by Urbino sometime soon :(

Guys call me Triple C. I prefer that.

as in ChuChuChris if you didnt get it. :lol:

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Added you to mine and the wifes list Chuchuchris

alia from luna 3737 3546 0770

vahyd from luna 0387 2808 6712

Would appreciate if anyone in the thread that doesnt have us would also add and PM so we can get some more visitors, Ta

Just to say, I've added you two.

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