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Been on it for a while. Just had to upgrade to yahoo account to continue using it though. Prefered it when I was a old school member though, made me feel special. :(

Yeah anyone feel free to add me. My photos aren't anything special and haven't really uploaded anything in a while. Need to get out and take photos other than 'drunken nights out with friends' pictures.

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Not my account but my Dad's account who recently passed away at the age of 53 in February. He will be greatly missed and I hope people like his photos! He was the better photographer of the family. His birthday present this year was gonna be a dSLR. :(

Sorry to hear of your loss vp but I think your father has left a beautiful selection of photos for people to enjoy. You seem to be carrying on his tradition ^ ^ (and added!)

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Happy to help.

Be prepared to wait. To get the shot perfect you have to be patient and wait for it. Realise that you won't always get it, but after watching them for awhile you pick up on their behavoural pattern and know where you are likely to get that good shot.

Find yourself a nice line to shoot from, try find a spot to shoot where you dont get bars in your face / people in the background (if thats not the shot you want) and also remember to take a polarising lense with you as this helps reduce the reflection of the glass enclosures.

When you get to the zoo pick up a programme an see if there are any events happening on the day you might want to shoot. My shots of the lions feeding were pure luck, as we heard the announcement when in the area. I will now be doing this as well.

Depending on what your shooting and your capabilities of your camera - play with manual focusing on an area and then shooting at a high speed to try and capture the shot ie, monkeys, if they are playing with each other and chasing each other up the ropes and swingings, try focusings on the swings and getting them mid swing.

Lense Hood - if your lense can fit one, use it. I usually use that right up against the glass to cut out any reflected light or interference.

I never use a flash. It agitates the animals and you scare them. Be prepared to stand there while kids bang on the glass or idiots use compact cameras with flashing going. Don't get hooked on the animals as well, looks at kids reactions to the animals (be careful how you shoot it tho, sometimes parents don't take kindly to people taking pics of their kids).

Most of all, its a great day out and if you come back with a few great shots it was well worth it. After a few visits to a zoo you will know the layout and know what you would like to try an get first (animals are active at different times.) Listen to people around you as well, if you here them talking about the snow leopard and how he's acting up, get over there ^_^

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Very decent of you.

I have set myself a challenge also for the year. In November/first week of December I want to produce a calendar, the shot for the month will have been taken in the same month the previous year.

Challenge is to take a calendar worthy shot every month, not just a good shot but a great shot. I have done December already from last month (the comp winning one) and now I must go and take some beauts. I'm not too bothered with a theme but I think it's a great way to force myself to get out there and take some decent shots, should also improve my skills a bit!

Guess what my family will get for xmas!!

That's an excellent idea, I may have to steal it. ^_^

I think my page is http://www.flickr.com/photos/japaneserobert and I shall be updating it quite regularly once I hit Japan again. In fact because I'm going there for a year the calendar idea is almost too perfect.

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In my sig as ever.

Currently uploading my full sized set from Secret Garden Party last weekend - I mostly do band/music/event photography...

They're like 4 meg each and the Uploadr keeps crashing out. Have about another 50 to do, then I'll post some in the Random Photos Thread...

But yeah - add away :)

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