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Killzone 2


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Freezing? I don't remember any freezing during gameplay. I wasn't the biggest fan of it either until about halfway through when it suddenly, and rather unusually clicked and I thought it was fun, but not brilliant. It has some of the worst characters in the whole of videogaming, but I'd pick up the sequel if it had co-op, since the shooting did feel quite satisfying and some of the set pieces were pretty fun.

Yeah when it loads the next section it just stops, there's no message on the screen or anything to let you know what it's doing, the image just freezes for a second or two then carries on. That would have been a minor annoyance but one of these actually lasted long enough for me to momentarily think the game had crashed, everything shouldn't just 'stop' for upto five seconds when you're running about or fighting.

It just leaves me thinking that for all its tricks it's not actually that technically proficient, especially considering how linear and small each section is. The actual graphics themselves (models and textures) aren't all that either, it's just that they've whacked a shitload of filters over them to spice it up. In some of the smaller areas it manages come together nicely, like that warehouse with the light streaming through near the start, but the larger sections are shown up by being seriously sparse.

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My impressions so far are:

Combat is good

You are short

You must weigh a metric tonne with how long it takes to move about

It is very grey

The enemy is pretty clever...but not too clever

The freezing at loading screens is shit. It froze so long at one point I thought it had crashed

I've just taken Visari Square, so not far in at all.

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