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The service is stunning. The after sales customer service however is the stuff legends are made of. They replace anything at the drop of a hat and the delivery times are superhuman. Not to mention it's by far the cheapest record web shop ever devised with the most user friendly interface you could ask and loads of options you could only dream of. Amazing.

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I bought a new LP last week to test the TT, nothing special (feeling wise) there.

A second hand Black Sabbath LP showed up the other day, also, nothing special happening with owning some Vinyl.

A couple of minutes ago my Aunty dropped off Stdium Arcadium by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, for some reason I felt a warm glow when I got that out of its packaging and it looks fantastic.

This sodding Vinyl thing's going to turn out to be a money drainer, isn't it?

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