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I found mage was easy to solo. I'd recommend it if you want to solo but don't want to mess about with pets. Otherwise, warlock is good and hunter is an excellent non-caster class.

You'll find a lot more rllmukers horde side than alliance side (Ravenholdt, Earthen Ring, Draenor, The Venture Co mainly) but they are about.

Ravenholdt - Muk is a fun guild but be aware that it's a PvP server so if you want to kill rllmukers then Ravenholdt Alliance is the way forward. I keep trying to play characters on there because the guild is so nice but I can't stand the PvP element so I invariable head off to my main on Draenor <_<

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Ravenholdt. I had a level 33 human priest on there anyway. It would be interesting to try horde, but all my friends in "RL" play as alliance. I've been recently playing a lot with my level 24 night elf druid. Oh and a message to you Horde...*PLEASE* stop ganking my priest in stranglethorn :(. Just a question, which is said to be the best race in the Horde? :(

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My 33 Human Priest is called "Drael", my 24 Night Elf Druid is called "Tauper". :D

I hate it when you've got an enemy guy who is loads of levels lower than you, but they have a super high level to guard themand heal them when they kill you.

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I seem to get my ass kicked all the time in PvP. It seems the only time I'd ever have a good chance to win is if they are a good 2 levels lower than me. I get too panicy :S. I did once manage to beat someone to who was one level higher, a fluke i guess. I usually don't bother with PvP unless someone else needs backup.

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I have never had an alliance the same level or lower attack me , its ALWAYS higher levels and when I' fighting already.

And 99% of the time its a fecking NE rogue, :HATE:

Same, except NE hunters. I kinda expected to see more Draeneis around but I guess they've all powerleveled to Outlands now.

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