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Your worst gaming loss


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It was 1999, I had an N64, 4 controllers, about ten games (mostly 4-player multiplayers) and a bunch of mates. I used to leave my 64 round their place as that's where we were most nights playing games. Then I met the woman who'd become my future wife. I spent a lot of time with her and gradually drifted apart from my old friends...

It wasn't until about 2002 that I suddenley put down my PS1 pad (yes I was that far behind) scratched my head and wondered "Where the hell IS my N64!?!"

I never have found out where it ended up, hopefully it went to a good home *sigh*

So what is your greatest gaming loss?

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Quite tough.

Few years back my friend wanted to see how a hard drive goes in the Amiga 1200. So I opened mine up, disconnected it and reconnected it to show him.

Turned it back on - and shock horror - the hard drive didnt work. I dont know what the hell happened, it was just dead.

I was pretty upset by it - there was hundreds of HD installed games, lots of personal stuff, a whole load of art, games etc that I had spent months making.

I ended up replacing the HD, but only ever bothered to install workbench on it. I have hardly touched it since =(

Thats probably my biggest. I remember when I got my Amiga 500+ and one week later my C64 died. It sucked, but i guess having the A500 eased the pain.

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My SNES and games collection (of about five games) got left with somebody I lost touch with for several years and I never saw it again.

And when I moved to the US I sold/gave away my Playstation and N64 and all my games. Mind you, I came back with a fair few US consoles and games so it wasn't a bad trade in the end. Wish I still had the UK stuff, though.

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About 2 years ago i leant my ps2 with about 10 games to a mate who lived in with some dodgy girl.

After 2 months i wanted my ps2 back i went to get it. No such luck. My mate had disappeared of the face of the earth and the dodgy girl had sold my ps2 for her lost rent and debet-cards my (former) mate had stolen.

Last thing i found out (from using his hotmail) was that my former mate had gone to Roermond to hide from some drugdealers and from the police, who were after him for starting a fire that destroyed 8 shops in my town, which is an altogether different story.

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My friend hit save instead of load on Sabre Team on the Amiga.

My sharpshooter had just been taken out, a hostage had been slaughtered and the rest of my team were in a very bad situation.

A reload was needed, save was hit instead, leaving the best sharp shooter in the game dead.

I never really did forgive him for that, and after trying to save the situation all afternoon I never really went back to it.

As childhood grudges goes that ones up there with the Grimlock story...

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Selling most of my Mega Drive stuff in 95/6 to finance my PC. Stupid.

Last year my copy of Resident Evil 4 was stolen. I'm still extremely pissed off about this. Luckily Disc 2 was still in the machine. I expect I'm going to have to pay loads to get a sealed replacement.

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Back between 95 and 96 when I got Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest. I loved that game so much but then something horrible happened to my SNES. Not quite sure what happened, although I remember my eldest brother blaming my other brother for spilling juice over it or something. Unlike today, we couldn't just go out and buy another SNES. When I heard there was a Donkey Kong Country 3, I started to get upset.


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I've lent many gaming items to people and not had them back. Pretty much my entire MD collection to a cousin, gunstar, phantasy stars etc.

A game gear with games to a mate.

My mum 'borrowed' brain training and it has never come back.

Several PC games to my brother. He even cheekily asked for another copy of far cry as he lost the copy I gave him.

I'm quite happy to lend people stuff and when you do this a lot you always get some stuff that never comes back.

Saying that, I've still got some of mates PC games that I've had for nearly 2 years now.

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Playing the Bleem version of MGS on the DC. I had cleared off a memory card before hand. So there I was, playing away, went to save. The game asked me if I wanted to format the card. I said yes. Formatting, it said... and then I noticed the blank card was on the floor next to the DC, and the card int he controller was full of stuff - finished VT save, Soul Calibur... Oh, the list goes on.

My girlfriend and a couple of friends were in the room at the time (this was when we lived in a one bed cluster house) so I had to rein in my natural reaction which was to scream and smack my fists against something. I sat there for long minutes, gnawing on my fist n frustrated anger.

All those hours of gaming... gone...

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I don't think I've lost any hardware of games but My PS2 memory card got wiped by datel max memory manager, losing innumerable hours of saves for finished games.

The thing is, you've gotta think oh well, if I like the game enough I'll play it again and get the save back, if I don't then I didn't need the save anyway.

Either that or have a crywank.

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My original Dreamcast, 2 controllers, 2 VMU's, official light gun and about 10 games inc Soul Calibur, Crazy Taxi 1 & 2 , House of the Dead 2, MSR, Sonic Adv. 2, Virtual Tennis 1& 2.

Lent them to my Dad who then moved to Wales with his crazy (now ex) girlfriend who probably sacrificed them in some sort of Buffy ritual the deranged bint, he came back with a new Dreamcast minus any games, VMUs and lightgun claiming that the games had got lost when moving and that it was my dreamcast which had miraculously cleaned itself and grown a new modem which I took off before giving him.

Luckily I refused to lend him my Shenmues.

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Spectrum 48k

Spectrum 128

Atari ST

Atari 2600

all with many many many games got burnt in a house fire at a friends house who was storing them for me while I only had a small flat.

N64 + Doctor 64 - Nephew dropped them down the stairs and smashed them to bits.

Dreamcast - Broken.

SNES + wildcard (with originals of Plok, SoM (Mint), Metroid (Large box set), Starwing, all the classics) loaned to my neices and they promptly destroyed it. Thier mom flogged the games off for about 10 quid shortly after because she thought I wouldnt want them back if the SNES was broken...)

Playstation 1 with many greats - Sotn, Kula World, Devil Dice, Mr Domino etc Given away when I moved in with someone to make space... I managed to get SotN (Ltd Edition) back tho.

Atari Lynx - smashed to smithereens at college.

All in all I've lost masses of stuff and to be honest I've still got more then I could ever hope to play so umm I think that means I miss them but its not worth crying over.

My nephew also managed to drop his SP down the loo !

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I shall always regret selling my 1st Computer - the ZX spectrum. It was absolutely mint - and id also given it a kempston mouse and art studio too :D

The only thing thats broken in my collection is mt C64 - something in my brain remonds me that the tape deck had an earthing wire or something - well that went into the back of the machine, shorted a few connections and fried it :(

Games that i wish that id never sold?

Zelda- snes

Super Ghouls - snes

The rest ive managed to hand on to.

Always remember my rule of thumb, "never trade last gen hardware for current gen software"


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