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1) Ghostbusters (Megadrive)

2) Secret Of Mana (SNES)

3) Perfect Dark with a decent frame rate (N64)

Ghostbusters is a game I have very fond memories of. It was the first game I played on the MD, and due to my love for the film at the time, I played it to death. Not sure how much I'd enjoy it now, but if it were available, I'd get it.

Secret of Mana is probably my favourite SNES game. I used to rush home from school just to play it. I've played it many times since, (but still only completed it the once) and loved it every time. The only snes games that come close are Zelda and Mario.

Perfect Dark always seemed like it was hampered by the hardware, even with the memory expansion, and that there was an amazing game bursting to get out of there, but hidden away behind stuttering frame rates. I wouldnt bother if it was untouched (I have the original) but if they tarted it up, then I'd buy it again.

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I want them to release GB and GBC games which are also transferable to the DS. They should also release a cart for the GBA port to allow you to save your game if you're in danger of running out of battery power. Which leads me on to...

1) Link's Awakening DX

2) Oracle of Ages

3) Oracle of Seasons

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Well, not to sound like Im 'doing an angel' on you guys, but after recently playing my emulators, through VGA on my LCD, I don't think I'll buy any more VC games.

Starfox 64 in 1024x768 is just yum. And I've only just realised quite how much better VGA is compared to component. It's almost the same difference as composite vs RGB.

Anyway, mine would GB\GBA emu on there and give me Link's Awakening too.

EDIT: Didn't read the thread in advance, but golly gee, I'm glad so many people wnt the same Nintendo love.

Except for Goat Keeper. Weirdo. Pacland was rubbish.

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