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Apidya (Amiga)

Hired guns (Amiga)

Wonder Boy in monsterland (Master system)

and then

Daytona USA (Arcade)

Virtua racing (arcade)

sega rally (Arcade)

Has to be the arcade versions though. None of that saturn rubbish.

Could the wii do the arcade games do you think? Certainly it's powerful enough to do them if they were natively coded but could it emulate the original roms?

Would anyone go to the bother of porting those games? Would it be more or less effort to port the original code then write an emulator.

Far too much work to be worthwhile though I bet. It's probably only worth it for consoles that have a lot of games.

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Daytona has an awful draw distance on Saturn but plays fine. however, Sega Rally is one of the finest conversions of all time. it plays beautifully.

I'd rather have the saturn versions than nothing. Arcade versions are still going to be the best though. And virtua racing needs to be the arcade and not the megadrive abortion.

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I'm not sure whether this was released over here or not, but the original is the best game ever and I'd murder a kitten to play the sequel.

1. Snowboard Kids 2 (N64)

Fondly remembered as the game that my brother was so infuriated by he threw my brand new dinky Megadrive controller at the radiator and broke it. And never apologised.

2. True Lies (Megadrive)

A game I rented ages ago that looked and played much like Rock 'n' Roll Racing but with cows sats on minis, or something.

3. Super Cow Racing (?) (Megadrive)

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