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DS Simcity

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What?! This is Sim City we're talking about here. It's hardly War and Peace on the text-o-meter.

Dont you get percentage stats etc. its fairly text heavy.

Not the sort of game id enjoy playing in Japanese.

Go ahead though if you thiink otherwise.

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ALERT! There is something wrong, in the Lee household. :D

I know! There I was, quietly reading the Edge preview. "Here's a game you might enjoy", I said. "Oh yes", she said "I was reading about that online. Looks great"

Nearly fell off my chair. Nintendo have a lot to answer for IMO :D

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I'm getting really hyped, I only ever played Sim City 2000, it was decent. This will be perfect for the stylus!

Me too, we got 2000 with our first PC, kept me going for hours it did. Strange thing is I remember it being fairly easy but when I have gone back to it in recent years I have found it pretty hard. I must be getting stupider.

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I always struggled with pipes, blocks etc in 2000. Was the very first game I played on my new Windows 95 PC when I got it on Xmas day.

3000 just got a bit too complex, I never got in to it enough, always had slums and struggled to get the area value up.

Hope this is somewhere between, SimCity 2500 or so.

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saw this in the shop in holland today, so what are you talking about

Just a guess, but maybe the release schedules when he posted that had Q3 down for the release, but they since moved it forward?

Anyway, I love SimCity, and have been looking forward to this for ages, so I'm definitely going to give it a go.

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