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Photography Equipment & Software Thread

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Seconded on the RX100.  I've also got a mk iii which is an impressive bit of kit.  


I wouldn't touch the mk1 or mk2 at this point, the mk3 does 1080p video.  I think all of the newer ones (mk4 -mk7) do 4k, though I'm not sure how usable that is with overheating.   The main other differences between the models is that the mk3, 4 & 5 have a 24-70 equivalent zoom which is a really fast lens (f/1.8-2.8) while the 6 and 7 have a 24-200 equivalent zoom which has a much longer reach but is quite a bit slower (f/2.8-4.5)  




rx100 mkiii  8.8mm  1/160th, f/5.6 iso1000


Just looking on mpb.com for a rough guide to prices and you can get a good mk3 for £300, mk4's go from about £340 (good) to £400 (like new) and they've got a "good" mk5 on there for £400 and excellent/like new ones for £460-£480.    There's quite a big jump to the mk6, you'll struggle to find one for less than £650 but that 200mm equivalent zoom will be a little bit better for taking pictures of wildlife.  It's still not really enough for birds and the like but you'll get a squirrel in a tree with it.  


The mk5 onwards also have significantly upgraded autofocus.   I've never found the autofocus to be an issue on the mk3, but on paper you're going from 25 points contrast detect autofocus to 315 points phase detect.   Maybe that's huge if you are shooting in poor light or kids who like zooming around the place. 

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Sharing this link to ATF regarding cloud based back up for photography. Appreciate it if anyone had any suggestions/' recommendations. cheers.



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On 20/03/2021 at 12:15, choddo said:

Yeah exactly, get some uniform overlapped lighting and shoot from in between. Phone or that Olympus should both produce good results. What media is she using? I could imagine oils might lend themselves to being lit from one side but I’m really guessing.


Oil paints. So it sounds like we should just use my iphone 12 and get some kind of light box or lighting. These kind of foldable lightboxs seem convenient but they seem to be aimed more at creating snaps for photoshopping? never see any of these being used for flat paintings/artwork. 



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On 03/04/2021 at 10:30, Naysonymous said:

Seconded on the RX100. 


Thanks. It's my partner that's wanting, and we still seem to be in a minefield of best options over compromise. Looks like zoom to get decent bird photos is becoming the priority, so without compromising image quality suggests that a bridge camera is going to be better. 


So any suggestions of a non bulky, easy to grab out of a backpack and not complex to point type arrangement. Thinking a Nikon Coolpix 900, 950?

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I'm not a fan of bridge cameras at all, the image quality is generally poor and they are a pain in the arse to use.  Yeah you get a lot of reach from the lens but they just strike me as being good for taking photos of birds in optimal lighting conditions or if you like taking pictures of the moon looking all huge behind a tall building and don't mind only shooting with a tripod.  Totally my personal bias of course but such is product advice.    I know Nikon do some xx-300mm zoom lenses for their APS-C cameras, the D3400 and D3500 are very capable bodies you can probably get for £300 in good nick if you don't mind buying used, same again on a lens and you've got a birding kit for about £600? (this is off the top of my head) and of course that gives you the option to add more lenses later if you want something better for shooting indoors or portraits or something. 

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Has anyone had any experience of selling gear to mpb.com? Or can recommend any other online stores. I'm looking to ditch my Nikon D3300 along with Nikkor 50mm/1.8 and 70-200mm 4.5 6.3 for a Sony A7 III with 28-70mm kit lens and a Sony 70-200mm f4. 


I was going to buy second hand from mpb but Amazon are doing a good discount and Sony are offering 200 quid cashback on the lens and another 200 on the body. 

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On 24/06/2020 at 23:20, Agent L said:

I've bought and sold from them and visited their offices (I live near Brighton). Never any complaints from me. Everything has been exactly as they say it will be and I've had no reason to return anything due to faults or not being as described. My dad has used them a few times too with no issues.


Personally, I'd spend the thirty quid on something else so long as the cheaper option is optically fine.


There's the last time it was asked.

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