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Rather like the Minecraft episode, I loved it, but spotted some errors that could have been ironed-out with better research.

Cartman's argument was that the Xbone will be obviously more powerful - which Stan didn't try to refute - but in reality it's the other way around. Throughout development there have been concerns that the Xbone will be less powerful than PS4, seemingly proven with its 720p games.

Stan argues that he just likes the PS4 controller better. Fair enough... but... the general reputation of Sony and Microsoft controllers has been that the Xbox 360 controller is a thing of beauty and Dualshock sucks. So it would make sense for the kids to generally look forward to the Xbone's controller more.

But of course, this all goes to prove that fanboyism is stupid.

Ah your one of those guys.
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Just seen the first part of the Game of Thrones/Console Wars episode. Loved it. Favourite South Park episode in a while but maybe because it combined gaming and my favourite television show. I always said to my brother that they were gonna do a Game of Thrones parody eventually, especially after some smaller references earlier this season and last season I think.

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I really don't understand the weiner stuff though, not sure if Trey Parker was mixing it up with Spartacus as I really can't remember to many chrams in GoT.

I think they've read the books and are referring more to those, even though the characters in the show are talking about the TV series.


"He was dripping wet from the neck down, steaming in the chill air. His body was covered with brown hair, thick as a pelt. Between his legs, his manhood swung long and heavy."

"His manhood glistened wetly."

"And suddenly his cock was out, jutting upward from his breeches like a fat pink mast."

"Even his manhood was ugly, thick and veined, with a bulbous purple head."

"His cock was as hard as an iron bar.

"She was much hairier than his sister. Absurdly, he felt his cock stir beneath the bathwater."

"He could feel his manhood beginning to stiffen."

"His legs were pale and skinny, and his manhood flopped about obscenely as he chased after his horse."

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I love GRRMs shitty sextalk, it's hilarious. It's the descriptions of underage girls getting spanked and such that don't sit well with me.

Yeah that stuff has made me feel a little uneasy when reading it. Descriptions of Daenerys being wet, the talk of her boobs and her fingering herself when she's only meant to be 14 is really weird. I'm kinda glad I've watched the show before starting the books because it helps to imagine Emilia Clarke rather than a 14 year old girl.

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I didn't find it weird at all. After all, adolescence is something we only invented relatively recently, until that point you were either a child or an adult the moment you could reproduce.

Or due to the fact that I was 17 when I first read the books over half a decade ago. Probably that.

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I will say this - there are lots of things said about future events concerning Game of Thrones in this episode, and almost all of them are made up.

Take that mindset with you and do not research it any further.

I've only started reading the books so when George R. R. (Arr Arr!) Martin was talking about what was happening, I was unsure if it was spoilers or not. Thanks for clarifying. :)

I thought the episode was better than the previous one. The whole GRRM scenes were hilarious.

GRRM: "King Joffrey is still at King's Landing, but there is a young Blacksmiith who wakes up one morning with a plan, and his weiner gently hangs down between his legs. Soft and flacid, his weiner glistens in the golden sunlight..."

Butters: "Sir, you said pizzas were coming."

GRRM: "Yeah, yeah they're on their way, they're still coming!"

Butters: "But you said they were on their way like 3 hours ago."

Also after the news anchors had sex.

"It's the morning news with Tom and Tammy Thompson, Colorado's top rated brother/sister news team."

I almost spit my drink out at that!

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Thanksgiving. I guess it means not many of the usual TV shows have a new episode this Wed/Thu/Fri.

I think that's why the last episode's story involved Black Friday/Thanksgiving being pushed back... because the next episode in the epic saga will be pushed back.

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