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Your favourite fonts.

Eats hoops and leaves

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Matisse ITC, Westminster and Jokerman FTW!


Nah, only joking, not really! I have a lot of fonts on my computer, but few decent ones of the sort being posted here. Most of them are freeware copies of the fonts used in action movie posters, or of cartoonists' handwriting (Akbar is a reasonable Matt Groening imitation).

But I have to admit, I do like Andes, if only because of its use in Sonic 3:


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Also, optima, I'm surprised it hasn't already been mentioned, or maybe i just have odd font tastes...


No, Optima is lovely, as both body text and display type. I've set a few manuals in it, and you get the lovely clean look of a sans, with the legibility of a serif.

Got a bit overused back in the 90s/early 00s.

I have a soft spot for Palatino - but the italic form, more than the roman.

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