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Sheesh, I've only just realised that the Pyro's air blast can be used to extinguish burning allies. Heartfelt apologies to anyone who's ever looked at me expectantly as they slowly burn to death. :omg:

Here is a picture of evilwallpaper reacting unfavourably to an arrow that I shot at the back of his head. Heavies can turn around too quickly! It was never like this on the 360. :(


Is the version of Lazytown we have on the server an old one? Chris (on the moon) was having trouble with self-destructing teleporters on Sunday, changing class in the spawn room results in a death rather than the usual insta-switch, and there seems to be an invisible barrier halfway up the slope leading to the enemy spawn point (so snipers at the top can't be backstabbed). I'm sure I've played a night-time version of it that didn't have these problems. Not that I'm particularly fond of the map - I recall one Sunday afternoon in which a single round lasted close to five hours, back and forth, neither team able to capture the final point before tiring and falling back. That was before the 'bullets dissolve sticky bombs' update though, it might be a little less arduous now.

I even managed to get the 'Hit enemies with your bonesaw 5 times in a row without dying or missing.' achievement. :D

Yes, I believe I may have helped with that. :omg: (:))

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soz shock, I got all excited over lazy town and then when a scantily clad Stephanie didn't appear I just had to let go of the rage. I did get royally destroyed by Astilius though, far to many dominations. :(

My rubbishness at the scout made itself well known, particularly my ineptitude with the shotgun which usually results in me running around with the bat.

Also, who was whining about having scouts on defence? Seemed a bit off to me, particularly for the rllmuk server!

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