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Good games lads. Sorry for just leaving at the end (Redfort) but being pulverised isn't my idea of fun.

No randoms at all tonight, that's a shame.

Think the nights fun was coming to an end there anyway, we'd all had ace fun messing around and I got to pursue my vendetta against commando and his bloody rockets.

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...and here's an action shot of a Luigi-headed toonfool brazenly torching my poor Scout after getting 30 seconds of guaranteed criticals from one of those dice rolls. Meanwhile, I'm rolling '1HP Left', 'No Ammo' and 'Death' over and over. :blink:


Great fun though, and a better way to round things off than the usual dwindling of players. Well, until the end, when an unthinking click of the 'random team' option left me sharing a team with a squeaky-voiced chap who called me a 'noob' then repeatedly (and surely unfathomably!) proclaimed good old control-point Dustbowl to be a 'shit mode'. Hmph!

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No 'shrooms. I'll get the ip address later, it's called the pwnshop. It has a Roll The Dice mod, so you put 'rtd' into chat and get a surprise. Just like being at the fair. There's also a bunny hop mod in there, which I keep forgetting about. When you jump you take a quick leap forward, meaning you can traverse the map with ease if you remember to do it. It lets you put on various hats too, which I don't *think* Valve will punish us for.

If we have a game on Sunday night, it should be there.

EDIT: ip address

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Oh, here's another thing. Now and again, a vote comes up for Extreme Mode, which is insane. Everyone has unlimited ammo and fires at machine-gun rate. So you'll get scouts pinging hundreds of baseballs into an area which is already littered with grenades and so forth. Here's a shot of it...


I would have gotten a shot from deeper in the action, but as you can probably guess, once I get around that corner I'm dead. Also, note the framerate in the top corner!

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