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Fallout 3 - Official Thread


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Play something else then.

What were you expecting? You borrow a 'Post Apocalyptic Role Playing Game' from a friend while you don't like grim and bleak post apocalyptic games and then come into a thread to whine about it?

I don't know. :angry:

I guess I just want a first person RPG that looks like Team Fortress 2.

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Who said that they needed to make a game based on a nuclear holocaust? I know it's a sequel, but a lot of old Fallout fans are pissed at the new direction anyway, they might as well of made a new game. Too many games these days have you going through wars and post apocolyptic environments, it just isn't my thing. It's not a bad game, but I just can't stand the amount of games these days that are purely grim and lifeless.

Then it wouldn't be a Fallout game then would it?


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It DOES suit the setting of a post-apocolyptic, destroyed world and I understand that it does. That doesn't mean I have to like it, especially considering 50% of games these days are set in an apocolyptic world, with the other 45% of games being shovelwere party game trash.

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This has got to be the worst argument in the history of RLLMUK.

Criticizing a post-atomic holocaust game for looking post holocaust.

Man. If anyone was ever in the wrong thread. Know what I'm saying?

I'm not criticising the game itself, but the fact that every other game looks exactly like it and I'm getting tired of post apocolyptic worlds.

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molerats scare you? :angry:

don't go to old olney.

They are really creepy and I keep thinking they're in my house. :D

Frankly, no other game looks like it. And if you're tired of post apocolyptia as a genre then you're:

1. Playing the wrong game.

2. In the wrong thread.

I AM playing the wrong game, aren't I! And yeah, a lot of games us the post apocolyptic/war theme, such as the Call of Duty games or Gears of War, except they're a little prettier with better animations. There's some nice areas of art deco in Fallout though I've noticed, but that entire Wasteland area is ugly as fuck.

Come on Astilius, ban him. I promise I won't start a moanthread in A&F*

You guys are mean. :D I guess I'll go back to me awesomely colorful Cooking Mama then! ;)

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I dunno, maybe I haven't seen enough of the game. I've been through the wasteland, into Megaton, in Super-Duper Mart, Spingvale Elementary school, etc, and it all feels like something you'd see in Call of Duty. I was in this metro station that looked pretty neat, but those fucking Molerats scared the shit out of me so I stopped dfghju

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Yes, the voice-acting is quite shit, even more so due to the same voices you hear over and over again.

But if you look at the whole package, the scale and scope of the gameworld and the stuff you can do and explore, it's just a major achievement and it definitely ranks amongst the best games I've ever played. Even with its flaws, it's a work of beauty.

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And, since I was lucky enough to never see it in trailers etc never seen anything in any game that's struck me as being as beautiful as the initial effect on exiting vault 101.

Aye, me and all. Leaving the vault and being blinded, and slowly having the wasteland appear before me gave me goosebumps. Really set the scene for me in terms of atmosphere. It was a real "Holy shit the world is properly fucked" moment and I couldn't help but stand at the exit and just stare.


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If Molerats really bother you then just activate the first rank of the ''Animal Friend'' Perk.

They go from bothersome nuisances to your friendly pals who you give a tip of cap (helmet, whatever) as you stroll right by them.

''Hiya Penfold, your whiskers look good today. Hey Roland, I see you've been working on your standing up & sniffing the air pose. Well, don't work too hard guys, See you in another Metro station somewhere, Chow!''

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