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Fallout 3 - Official Thread


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Aye, me and all. Leaving the vault and being blinded, and slowly having the wasteland appear before me gave me goosebumps. Really set the scene for me in terms of atmosphere. It was a real "Holy shit the world is properly fucked" moment and I couldn't help but stand at the exit and just stare.


And then after that is the secondary realisation that this isn't just pretty (It's M+S Pretty) that it's also YOURS. This isn't a painting or something, that's a living world down there and every direction will have something.

Death usually.

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Close to 60 hours now

There was a lull a while back where I didn't have much in the way of sidequests but now I've got about 3 on the go and I've been doing some of the main quest to keep it fresh and moving along.

I've been racking my brains back across all my years of gaming and I've never before played a game for this long. I know 60 hours is a drop in the ocean to your average JRPG grinder or WOW player - but it's a milestone for me.

Very special.

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I dunno, maybe I haven't seen enough of the game. I've been through the wasteland, into Megaton, in Super-Duper Mart, Spingvale Elementary school, etc, and it all feels like something you'd see in Call of Duty. I was in this metro station that looked pretty neat, but those fucking Molerats scared the shit out of me so I stopped dfghju

I thought Springvale School was absolutely haunting. Way more evocative than any space marine cookie cutter crap.

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Remember to shoot the giant crabs in their weakspots for massive damage.

I've just done exactly that to a radscorpion after getting nowhere with his stinger. Also just pumped up the sound on the radio. Amazing :)

Listening to 50's classics while wandering through a desolate, irradiated landscape with buzzards circling overhead as the sun beats down, interspersed with sporadic violent gun-battles. Doesn't get much better than that.

EDIT: Just got into a Tranquility Lounger. There are so many great little moments in this game.

Really hope they adopt a VATS style derivative for Elder Scrolls V. The rather shonky fps style of Oblivion was what was putting me off. In Fallout 3 it's a last resort which suits it really well, kind of a role of the dice.

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No, the guys from Temple of the Union. The ones who were already free.

I didn't have the problem but I have read that sometime you need to go back to the Temple of Union to sort of kick start them on there way.

Worth a look back there to see if they are still hanging about, might work.

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They do take their sweet fucking time to get there.

I'm sure they said they'd be about an hour. I think it's been about 2 weeks so far and I'm sure they were passing the Nuka Cola Factory after about 3 days

I've just done exactly that to a radscorpion after getting nowhere with his stinger.

They don't have weak spots do they? Total bastards.

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After I'd cleared out the Monument & told the Temple of the Union guys it was all clear, they all filed out & started off down the road so I decided to tag along with them. However, they just stopped in the middle of the street a few yards away. I fast traveled ahead but no sign of them, so after a while I just got bored & went & did something else & havent been back that way to check on them.

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Quick question - once I'm out of the vault for the first time, how the cunting hell do I save my cocking game?

Just spent well over an hour being shot at, used all my health packs, blundered my way into a train tunnel and got killed by some bear traps and explosives.

Can't see anywhere in the manual or in the in-game help where it tells you how to save, FFS.

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