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Benedict was a good host I agree. His resignation at "Round of the Baskervilles" was great, as was his "Lonely......." when talking about Kim Jong.

I agree though, the format is seeming increasing tired though.

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Current series has had some cracking moments. William Shatner hosting was a train wreck, including some brilliant "singing clues" (and the public complained about Andy Hamilton's Cornwall joke, how pathetic).

But Alistair Campbell in the hot set was hilarious. As he put it himself, they have been asking him for ten years to be on it, and he gets on the show the week Blair spoke to the Levenson inquiry...

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Yeah, it was brilliant. Some real tension, great gags and Ian Hislop on top form. I also loved the Shatner episode. This stunt casting they do occasionally is brilliant - everyone seems to make a lot more effort than they do in the standard episodes, from the writers upwards.

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Kirsty Young and Vicki Coren on this week. Perfect.

Coren has already won: "The thing about Walt Disney was that he might have been a Nazi sympathiser, but on the other hand he was awfully polite."

Even better was when she was insisting the Ukranian pig IS NOT PSYCHIC...

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