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The Man Utd Thread

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2 minutes ago, spork said:

Never thought I'd see the day where Maguire doesn't start! 


Last time was against LASK, Europa, Ighalo scored a blinder, and was our last game before lockdown started.

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4 minutes ago, Gabzy said:

Bailly is so good :wub: *please stay fit*


*please don't do anything stupid*


 you can have one OR the other!


But not both!

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That's absolute bullshit! Lindelof has just jumped, the other guy has stood there. What utter fucking bullshit. This ref is utter shite compared to last weeks.

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One of those that looks bad in slow motion but a fair jump for the ball at full speed. It's a big issue with VAR when it comes to attempts at the ball like that, or ones like Maguire's disallowed goal at Burnley. 

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2 minutes ago, Gabzy said:

DDG would've definitely tried to punch that cross out rather than the tidy catch Henderson just did.

i was thinking pretty much the same or, he just wouldn't have gone for it!

but yet again, baily and henderson, make the defence look like a defence!

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2 minutes ago, 5R7 said:

well...shit...Man Utd vs AC Milan


least its not a trip to eastern europe though!


No, it's a trip to talking about the Prem and FA Cups again though, as we're still decimated with injury :(

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