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The old Man Utd Thread


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That's poor from Lindelof. Great finish by Zaha though. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for him. I think he got a raw deal when he was at United. 


We've got big problems, and it largely stems from the club failing to back the manager after we've qualified for the Champions League, as it has done so many times. 

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I think we will improve - the performance was terrible, but it was a performance of a team that wasn't ready for the new season more than anything else. 


However, and this is obvious to everyone who watches United, unless we sign some more players we do not have a chance of improving enough to have a successful season. We need more good players. 


Arsenal are unrecognisable from the shambles of last season, Spurs have signed players that will most likely elevate themselves back into the fight for top four, Chelsea have shown the ambition to challenge Liverpool and City, and both those clubs have improved their squads. Even the likes of Everton are looking impressive, and we don't know what Leicester and Wolves will do this season. It is a competitive environment, and failing to back the manager will have disastrous consequences. Make no mistake - that's what is happening. It's not that they are trying their best in these difficult times. It's not as if the lost revenue due to lockdown is making our board have to stand with their trouser pockets turned inside-out and a Daily Mail sadface. We're one of the two or three richest clubs in the world and we can afford to sign players. We're nowhere near having to worry about FFP either. It's not even incompetence in this case (although I'm sure they are incompetent) it's a refusal to back Ole. 


The Sancho deal should have been the easiest transfer ever. The player wants to come (not a given at United these days) he would improve the team, and we knew the asking price from the start. It's not an unreasonable asking price for the player he is, either. It still could be that easy. If it doesn't happen, it's because the people at the top of the club didn't want to spend any money. 


Look at the only deal we've managed to get over the line. Van Der Beek looks like a really good player, but it's obvious we signed him because he was available and fairly cheap, but we don't really have a plan of how to fit him in. If Pogba or Bruno get injured, we've got an excellent backup to take either of their place. If they don't though, he'll probably end up being restricted to 20 or so appearences, or we'll be shuffling the team around trying to fit them all in. Those three as our central midfield three? We would struggle to win the ball and be extremely vulnerable to counter attacks. If we play them and Matic in a diamond? We're relying on Shaw and Wan Bissaka for our attacking width. That's not going to work. As a part of a wider, more ambitious transfer strategy he would be a superb signing. As our one and only signing designed to push us forward, it's baffling. 


We need a left back as cover, a right winger so we're not relying on a teenager who is starting to show signs of struggling in the limelight, and a world class centre back. I have no faith in either of the two we are currently playing back there. We also need a defensive midfielder as a long term replacement for Matic, but the club seems to have come to the conclusion that Matic is fit enough for another season at least, or that McTominay is good enough, so that doesn't seem to be a priority. It would be for me. McTominay is a tremendous tackler and fighter in there, but his lack of footballing ability sadly holds him back, and the team does not function well with him in there when we have to attack. Look at how the ball-players in the team don't trust him and get frustrated with him giving the ball away or failing to make attacking passes. 


From the way we ended last season, it is obvious that we have the makings of a really good team. All we needed to do was seize the moment, sign the right players, and we could have been back at the top. The board have scuppered that, and the incredibly frustrating thing is, they've done it on purpose. 

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