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The old Man Utd Thread


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Um, I still can't tell if he's good or whatever, I don't know what you guys saw that I didn't. Cantona-esque arrogance? I thought he looked a little scared and desperate to prove himself, pretty much as you'd expect. He didn't spend much time with the ball at his feet, so I feel best placed to judge his positioning off the ball. Which wasn't great, again as you'd expect for a player who has moved to a club with a footballing culture still alien to him. So even that doesn't tell you anything. I can't see how anyone could, based on what they've seen so far, be excited or disappointed by him as a prospect.

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Carling Cup draw

Ipswich v Northampton

West Ham v Stoke

Man Utd v Wolves

Leicester v West Brom

Aston Villa v Burnley

Wigan v Swansea

Birmingham v Brentford

Newcastle v Arsenal

Where are Chelsea and Liverpool? Oh wait... :D

Newcastle v Arsenal looks tasty

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Cheers :)

01 Van der Sar

03 Evra

15 Vidic

22 O'Shea

23 Evans

11 Giggs

17 Nani

18 Scholes

24 Fletcher

09 Berbatov

10 Rooney


29 Kuszczak, 12 Smalling, 21 Rafael Da Silva, 08 Anderson, 13 Park Ji-Sung, 07 Owen, 27 Macheda

Come on, lets not blow this chance to take some ground.

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There's so much pressure on him to produce that he's always looking for the next pass/move before he even has the ball under control. Therefore he takes his eye off the ball and...

I blame the World Cup

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