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The old Man Utd Thread


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Hmmm agents are notourious for leaking this stuff - not 100% I believe it until either Man U, Spurs or Berbatov confirms it.

But having him in the team would be amazing.

Berbatov and Rooney

Giggs Carrick/Hargreves Scholes Ronaldo

with a bench of Tevez, Nani, Anderson, Carrick/Hargreves! SUYA!!

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Has anything that Spurs have done this summer suggest they have any sense? :(

Yeah, I think so. Signed loads of young talent and a proven premiership goalscorer who has already opened his account. And at the moment we're above you ;)

Oh, and Berbatov isn't going anywhere, yet.

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yeah, i don't see us making a move for berbatov to be honest. i think it's all been paper talk cos we've not got rolling with the goals yet. in fact, fergie has pretty much said that saha is the answer to our problems, for now at least. i'll believe it when i see it.

anyway, i'm off down to ot shortly so fingers crossed for a decent win. it's about time.

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This is woeful, we created way more against City than this and I didn't think we were that good against City.

Agreed about Tevez, he's dropping waaay too deep, we have no-one in the striking positions again. Deja vu from last week, no point putting crosses in etc etc.

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