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The old Man Utd Thread


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Saying that though when has a league ever come down to goal difference?

Was the SPL decided on goal difference recently?

It's a nice cushion to have though, plus it shows we're a great attacking side full of goals.

Anyway, the gap is now only 3 points, thanks to the 10-men of Birmingham. Plus another great performance from our lads, including some lovely passes from Carrick and Fletcher. We never got out of first gear, but we still managed to score some lovely goals. A great weekend then :wacko:


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Have to say Carrick is beginning to impress, he's come out with some excellent through balls to those up front that end up in the back of the net, one to ronaldo today and one for Nani againse the Arse last week.

Hopefully this is the start of a run for us now, if we continue to win all games till we meet arsenal we should be able to draw level at the very least with them leading to a very exciting finish to the season for once!

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If Keegan can't inspire his team against a Man U side back from midweek Champions League duty, then Newcastle are entering a whole new world of pain - AKA the Championship.

He didn't even play Viduka, arguably their best player. And he loves scoring against United. Was he injured?

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So Giggs is injured for tomorrow. Hopefully Nani can continue his recent good form out wide and show some maturity this time with his decision making.

The same article notes that Silvestre will be training again next week and Gary Neville is still alive after his run out for the reserves. I also read earlier this week that Ben Foster is well on the road to recovery and should be back in a few weeks. So we should have a fully injury free squad within a month? Obviously Saha will get injured again in that time though. :(

We've got a good run of games coming up. Fulham (a), Lyon (h), Pompey (h), Derby (a) and Bolton (h). All five of those we should be winning and making further progress in all three competitions.

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Not convinced by the team, but then again we should still get the result:


RB: O'Shea

CB: Ferdinand

CB: Brown

LB: Evra

RM: Park

CM: Scholes

CM: Hargreaves

LM: Nani

CF: Tevez

CF: Saha

Subs: Kus, Pique, Anderson, Ronaldo, Rooney

Here's hoping that billion pound subs bench isn't needed today. And XFM reckon it was nailed on that Sahahaha should have just scored in the first few minutes :wub:

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