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If he ends up with O'Neil at Villa I reckon we could get £10m for him. Let's not forget we got him on the cheap because of a clause in his contract. I think you're right, Vezna, it seems like we should prepare for a top class striker's arrival. But who?

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I think we will get 6-8M for him. It is a shame a few players' relationship with Benitez have broken down (I am thinking of Dudek too) because it has clearly affected their performances on the pitch.

Dudek is a complete liability every time he steps on the pitch, I have no idea what would have happened to us if Reina had got an injury and Bellamy has been a shadow of himself for a few months now.

I would like to see Tevez at our club next year to "replace" Bellamy although it is looking increasingly likely that West Ham will survive so he may stay. Who is our sub goalkeeper going to be next year? Surely Carson isnt going to sit on the bench all season?

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I just watched the kiddies win the FA Youth Cup, on pens. Consecutive Youth Cups! :) I hope the senior boys were watching...

Were you at Old Trafford too? Awesome game. The lads were by far the better team over both legs. Couldn't believe we had to sit through pens again! All the sweeter that it was against Man U though ^_^

I hope Rafa gives a few of them a run out in the last couple of games. Lindfield especially - his workrate was amazing.

That young Italian keeper Rafa brought in, Padelli? I think he'll be second choice next season.

I think he's only on loan for 6 months though, so it would depend on if we offered him a contract. He has looked quite good for the reserves.

Garcia has definitely been a big loss for us. I'm surprised how little is mentioned about it - we had about 7 players who could play left-wing at the start of the season, and now we're stuggling with Zenden playing there :unsure:

I predict Gerrard will play there on Tuesday, with Pennant on the right.

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You're a pool fan? :( and we were getting on so well.. ^_^

Don't worry, I have friends who are *looks at profile* United fans, so we can still get on just fine :unsure:

Unless we play you in the final. Then things may change :)

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Craig Bellamy tonight rubbished suggestions he has no working relationship with Rafael Benitez, branding the story "complete garbage."

Said Bellamy: "A journalist working for BBC Radio Wales has told people I have problems with Rafa and haven't even got a working relationship with him. That's complete garbage.

"I have gone on record recently and I will say it again now that I have learnt more from Rafael Benitez than any other coach I have worked with.

"I am a much better player for the time I've spent working with him and if I do go on to manage at some point in the future he's the model I'll use in my career. I can't make my respect for him any clearer than that.

"I am even more disappointed that we are approaching a massive game on Tuesday against Chelsea and I am having to waste time responding to this nonsense."

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I think Bellamy is a good player, but needs to be given a decent run in the team.

I think Rafa should go for this team against chelsea.





Finnan/Arbeloa (Depends if Finnan isnt injured)







Other possibility (as Rafa loves them) is to play Finnan right back, Arbeloa left back and play Riise left mid

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I think we'll see Finnan at right back and Arbeloa at left back. We'll be slaughtered on the break if we play two proper wingers and leave Riise at left back. So I think we'll see:






I wouldn't be surprised if we started with Kuyt up front and Crouch on the bench, just to give us somebody that can make an impact off the bench. The same goes for Xabi, actually. Maybe Stevie will drop back into the middle, Alonso will be benched and we'll start with Crouch and Kuyt up top.

That Rafa eh? Always keeps us guessing.

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I'd prefer to see Kuyt and Crouch both start up front. With the uncertainty surrounding Bellamy I'd keep him on the bench but would still use him as he might be fired up enough (to prove his worth) if you see what I mean.

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I don't think Bellamy should touch the pitch tomorrow. I don't even remember him playing in the first game- he did nothing. Crouch with Stevie off him is best I think. Allows Alonso and Masher to both play and Gerrard to play in the middle still. We've gotta score quickly and with our team, I think we'll benefit from a larger and more productive midfield, rather than two strikers. I just think we'll be able to control the game better and create more. Crouch is best for the lone striker role as he can hold the ball up and come into the game just as much as Kuyt does, but seems to be able to take his chances better and be more of a handful all round (assuming we don't get another idiotic ref that blows his whistle for everything that he does!)

Nervous now, but we can definitely do it. As long as we get into the game in the same way we did last week in the second half and actually do something with the ball. Less unforced errors too, everything has to be perfect!

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Yeah, I'm starting to get a bit anxious about the game. I even bought a red LFC tie from the official LFC shop in Chester yesterday and I'll be wearing it to work as a (daft) lucky charm!

I'll be wearing the shirt that I wore to the Youth Cup Final last week. It's also the same one I wore when we beat Olympiacos....and changed into at half time of the final. I swear it's got magic powers :)

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I'll be wearing the shirt that I wore to the Youth Cup Final last week. It's also the same one I wore when we beat Olympiacos....and changed into at half time of the final. I swear it's got magic powers :)

My shirt failed last week, and now I don't know whether to stick with it for tomorrow or try something new.

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I got a lucky condom.

Team news!


Liverpool full-back Steve Finnan is set to return as the Reds look to overhaul a 1-0 first-leg deficit in their Champions League semi-final at Anfield.

Striker Peter Crouch could also be in line for a starting place.

Chelsea striker Andriy Shevchenko has joined Ricardo Carvalho and Michael Ballack on the injured list but fit-again Arjen Robben is in the squad.

Midfielder Michael Essien returns for the Blues, but he could be drafted into central defence in place of Carvalho.

Khalid Boulahrouz is another defensive option, while further forward midfielder Ballack has had an ankle operation which will rule him out for at least 10 days.

Didier Drogba and Joe Cole, who scored the only goal in the first leg, will miss a potential final in Athens if they receive a yellow card.

The same fate awaits Javier Mascherano or Jermaine Pennant should they earn a booking.

Mascherano was one of seven players who sat out Liverpool's 2-1 defeat at Portsmouth on Saturday along with Jose Reina, Daniel Agger, Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard, Dirk Kuyt and John Arne Riise.

They all look certain to start on Tuesday.

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