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BBC 'site says you've popped one in.. I guess that's not true?

Yeah it's up there as 1-1. Rather annoying I saw it then was watching the stream for the goal.

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If that game could be summed up with a noise it would be:


We'll play worse than that and win games this season. Full credit to Stoke, they're resilient bastards.

Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngog? :ph34r:

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Watched the whole game online, and just thought it was 'one of the those games really'. We had 90% of the play, but failed to create much. I'm not sure if it's worth getting too critical of the team as Stoke defended well and made life very difficult.

Having said that, you would probably expect United/Citeh/etc. to carve them open, but Stoke are a notoriously difficult team to beat. I don't think anyone looked particularly suspect and Henderson's chance(s) was a better one that Suarez's IMO. Carragher made another mistake, obviously, but I think he's been on the decline for a while now anyway.

Just one of those things.

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Stoke are very good at home. Everyone is going to lose some away games. Better to have them early when the manager can tweak things and see how the team plays as opposed to later in the year.

Of course Stoke were good by being solid and offering little else bar scoring a penalty. With the chances we had we could easily have won it.

Just chalk it down to experience I'd say. I don't think anyone here is worried about it considering we still played with a positive attitude. A year ago it would have been doom and gloom.

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I felt we lacked width at times and, with Stoke being well organised and getting men back in numbers, things got congested in and around their box. On those ocassions we could have done with pulling them side-to-side more to free up space in the middle. I noticed that Downing seemed to pop up on the right quite frequently which possibly didn't help. That said, we still created a number of chances and on another day could have scored two or three.

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Watched the highlights again on MOTD.

We certainly had a number of golden opportunities that we squandered and the end of game stats were:

Sto - Liv

Pos: 24 - 76 (!!)

SOT: 1 - 7

SOF: 1 - 9

Corners 5 - 12

Totally outplayed them, they just defended and sat back once knicking a goal.

Another stat I saw yesterday was that we've created about the same number of chances as Man Utd in games this season; but of course scored far fewer.

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Yeah I thought the performance on the whole was pretty good.

I am a bit confused about the guarded comments after the game from Dalglish about referee decisions as I didnt think there was too much contentious in the game (or in the other games). I thought the penalty was soft but we would want it given the other way around and all the handball incidents were never penalties.

I cant be bothered to dig out the stats from our game last year vs Stoke but I am sure we didnt dominate to the extent we did this time around so I think that shows the improvement to the team in the time between.

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