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Had to laugh, was listening to Radio City this morning and they grabed quick interviews with Roy Evans and some Everton legend who's name I missed about the two manager's squad slections ahead of the derby. Roy Evans basically said "it's good that he's bringing in players who haven't played in the drby before, they've all played in other derbies before and know what it's like". The ex-Everton bloke said "It's quite interesting that Moyes isn't playing any strikers. While it doesn't mean that they'll get many goals, the extra defence means that at least they won't lose. Or get too badly battered, at least" Way to be positive.

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I'd love to see this team start tomorrow:






I'd be tempted to stick Andy in there and move Suarez wide for Kuyt - and in a lot of games that's how I'd pick it - but not against Everton.

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Well I'm not in that zone, infact pretty glum spin to put on someone from the city who although knows shit like that might get said at matches knows no one that says that type of nonsense about the derby or Liverpool fans.

Jesus SMD you've depressed me.


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Another 4-4-2 with Adam and Lucas as the central partnership. So...a huge amount of space between (painfully slow) defence and midfield which Lucas will spend the whole game covering, and Adam - who is completely immobile and unable to tackle - to do everything else, which he cannot because he's immobile, incapable of tackling and possesses no stamina.

Everton are favourites.

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Sorry, went to the Anfield derby last season and we were let out in the middle of Blues fans who just kept shouting murderers at us. I'm not scouse and even I'm sensitive to it.

Nah I know it gets daft at the ground and how some pricks can act, I watched my dad tear up in 85 (Staunch Liverpool fan since the 50's) watching Heysel and I'd chin anyone who said that type of thing in my presence (maybe).

I haven't been to the gladys for around a decade now but I could imagine the quoter of tits has tripled in that time.

Anyway drinks will be spilled and strong words said in this house today.

Can't wait.

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